Friday, June 26, 2009

Planning Ahead

Today I received my separation physical which also involved an HIV test and a PPD test. Because the military wants to make sure that you didn't get AIDS or TB on their watch. I usually have trouble with getting blood drawn, but this morning I did pretty ok. (That is, if you don't count the fact that I was nearly doubled over in fright and hyperventilating. I hate needles.)

This afternoon I will get to experience something that many fellow Hampton Roads Residents put up with every day. Friday Afternoon Tunnel Traffic. Specifically the Downtown Tunnel (as opposed to the Midtown tunnel or the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel or the Monitor Merrimack tunnel. We have lots.) which leads the house Muffin and I will be staying at for the next couple of months. Surprisingly, I'm not that excited about it. Go figure.

So, in an effort to put aside potentially traumatic memories I decided to do a little planning for my Summer Of Fun with Muffin! I am really excited to spend so much time with her. I've already signed her up for two weeks of Swim Lessons and I signed myself up for this:

Which means that Muffin and I will be making a visit to this place:

And I can't wait to surprise her with that! Oh - speaking of surprises, I'm planning a trip up to Chincoteague Island for some wild pony viewing! Knowing Muffin's love of ponies I'm sure she'll flip her lid. With all the other activities this trip might have to wait until August. But that will simply give us something to look forward to.

As far as our day-to-day life together... I plan to take full advantage of our YMCA membership and work off some of this (*cough* 10 pounds *cough*) weight that I have gained due to a shitty work environment stress levels, fast food and too much vodka. Well, that's the idea anyway!


Bev said...

Goodness, that sounds like a dream trip! I WANNA GO! :) Oh, except for that traffic, which is my idea of hell on earth.

Enjoy yourselves!

Samsmama said...

Wow! What a fun summer you have coming up! I expect lots of pictures and stories!

So if it turns out you have HIV or TB, what does the military do?

Unknown said...

Sounds like you and Muffin are going to have a nice summer. How cool. Nothing in the world like more time with one's child when they are so young.

Anonymous said...

What Samsmama said - what would the military do?

MommyTime said...

What a great summer you have planned! I hope you and she have an absolutely wonderful time.