Monday, June 8, 2009

Damn Kids!

On Saturday, I had to threaten to call the cops on the neighborhood gaggle of kids. They use my driveway, as well as others, to play 4-Square in addition to other games and usually that's not a big deal - however - lately some bigger kids have started to play and they have been messing up my stuff.

BTW - in these pics my car is the black Honda with the sunroof - just for reference.

Then, Saturday morning when I came out to take Muffin to recital practice, I saw that they had knocked over my little crepe myrtle tree. It's a tree that my sister and I planted when we first moved here and meant a lot to both of us. I tried to stand it back up, but it was no use. I thought I'd try to stake it up after I got back from practice.

However, when I got back from practice my driveway was full of kids, there was no tree and my dumpster had been knocked over. Fury overcame me. I pulled into MY driveway and they moved over next door. I said "Who knocked down my tree?" and one of the brats said "What tree?" while they snickered. I said "What? Are you trying to sass me? I'm talking about the tree that was right there." and again they said "What tree?"

Oh, that was it.

I said "Well then, who knocked over my dumpster" and they said "Not us!" I asked "Do any of you live here?" the answer was no. So, I said "If you do not live here then you need to leave. I am tired of you kids vandalizing my stuff and if you don't find somewhere else to play I will call the cops."

Of course they all started saying "It wasn't us! We don't mess with people's stuff!" and to that I replied: "You obviously have no respect for other people's belongings, whether you live here or not! NOW GO or I'm calling the cops."

I am so glad that this place has sold and I can leave this ghetto bullshit behind.

The pictures in this post are ones that I took of the gang before I went to Rome. I was going to do a post about how we are such a friendly neighborhood that we allow the kids to play wherever but I'm over that shit.

Next time I see you hood-rats I'm call the Poo-leece.



Bev said...

Ugh, hoodlums! Glad you got rid of 'em. And because I am me, and this is what I do, I will lay a Caddyshack quote upon you:

"Don't you people have HOMES?!"
- Judge Smails

Unknown said...

damn kids these days.

Kris said...

I have a pretty big yard at my house but there is no fence. Roo has a lot of outdoor toys and a couple kiddie pools...we can't even play outside without 15 kids showing up. I don't mind the kids, I mind that they dump all the water out of her pool, play with her toys and then their moms come and yell at me because they got wet!

Samsmama said...

"I was going to do a post about how we are such a friendly neighborhood that we allow the kids to play wherever but I'm over that shit."

That absolutely killed me!!!

Mary said...

things can change so quickly, can't they?
nice quote Bev- a real peach :)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

late to the comment game, as usual. but "Next time I see you hood-rats I'm call the Poo-leece." made me spit out my coke...