Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Packing Up and Moving Out

Today I set up the dates for my government pack-up and pick-up of my household goods. I should be done in plenty of time to get the place cleaned up and ready for the new owner. It's sad to say, but I'm ready to go. More than ready, actually.

Sure, there have been many pleasant memories in the town home. I remember when Muffin took her first steps and distinctly remember watching her "read" to herself from lift-a-flap books on our couch. I remember Sissy's bachelorette party last summer and cooking pizzas on the grill. I remember getting up super early on Saturday mornings so we could hit the beach before anyone else. I remember birthdays and one special Thanksgiving where everyone came to my house. I remember lots of love (usually professed by me when I was drunk-dialing but you know - it's still love).

Yes, lots of memories. Some good, some not so great. I remember holding a baby Muffin in my arms when she was violently ill and directing the contents of her illness onto me so that I wouldn't have to clean the carpet (Lazy! Lazy and dirty!) I remember lots and lots of jet noise. I remember when the neighbor's pit bull broke into my backyard. I will always remember those damn kids breaking my baby tree. I remember lots of arguments with Jackass over the phone and being so mad that I was literally shaking. I remember going to bed and dreading work the next day.

Now I'm ready to go and make memories somewhere else. I'll be house sitting for a friend the next couple of months while I look for a job. I intend to join the YMCA and take Muffin to the pool every day. I'm going to make my summer "off" a season of memories for Muffin and I to cherish. Who knows when we'll be able to spend this kind of time together again. I may be a little overwhelmed right now, but in a few short weeks it will all be over. Time to move on!


Samsmama said...

I hope you have a wonderful summer "off" and enjoy starting a new chapter in your life! That's very exciting!

P.S. I used to be the QUEEN of drunk dialing! It was bad.

Unknown said...

I can't wait to get MY house and start my new memories too...I know you are going to be GREAT no matter where you are or what you do!

Mary said...

I'm so happy for you- I took a summer off once and spent every damn day at the pool with my kids- we had so much fun!
Moving is always bitter-sweet, but you've got the right attitude!
Cheers to calico!

Bev said...

Good luck with the move! Your good memories sound wonderful, and I can SO relate to your bad ones too. Esp. the part about directing vomit onto yourself to spare your carpet. Been there, done that!

Enjoy your summer. I hereby declare this THE SUMMER OF CALICOBEBOB AND MUFFIN!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

bev, who's calicobebob? (sorry, i'm an ass. but you know this.)

i teared up at your memories. especially the part where you talk about letting muffin puke on YOU instead of on the carpet. ME TOO! i don't know how many times i did that! good times.

i'm so happy for you that you sold the place. time to move the fuck on! please enjoy the summer with your beautiful little angel. i look forward to reading the stories. :)