Friday, June 12, 2009

Fuck You Friday - This Job Can Bite Me

I hate my job. I'm sure that's no surprise to those of you that read this blog - it's something that I've been bitching about regularly. Work has been steadily going downhill since last fall. Not only with the "problem child" that was assigned to me but in other ways as well.

A few weeks ago I was invited to a meeting to discuss the outcome of the IT department's inventory review. I was a little confused at the invitation since I have nothing to do with the IT department - but as my department has had several successful inventory reviews I thought they may be interested in my input. Plus, it was the Chief of Staff who sent the invitation.

The meeting started off with COS going over the review - it was dismal. Out of a sampling of 100 pieces of IT equipment 67 were incorrect. The IT guys took it on the chin, owned up to having a poor system in place and then they started to discuss ways to moving forward. COS stated that he felt there should be one person in charge of all the inventory and that person should be from MY department.

I was confused but willing to "discuss" the idea in the hopes that COS would change his mind. I told him that our inventory person already has three other collateral duties and that frankly it would be too overwhelming for someone of her rank. To be responsible for all the inventory in this place would pretty much be a fulltime job.

Well, he told me that he felt my enlisted people weren't doing their job. In fact, he felt that they weren't even putting in a full days work. Also, just to drive the dagger in further, he stated that if WE had done our job the IT inventory would be squared away.

What. The. FUCK!? I was stunned - where is this shit coming from? I said, respectfully, that he was mis-informed about my departments working hours and that if he wanted someone to take over the IT inventory I would be happy to do the job from now on. However, it was never our responsibility in the past and my department should not be blamed for someone else's fuck up (paraphrased). My neck was red, my ears were red, I was pissed.

After the meeting the chief of the IT department put his hand on my shoulder and said "I'm sorry - I have no idea how a meeting about our inventory turned into a beating for your department" I told him not to worry about it. Because I realized in that meeting that this place needs a scapegoat and since I'm leaving I'm perfect for the job.

Since that meeting my boss has come to me twice with "concerns" about my people in the warehouse. She said that she had had "reports" that my people had too much liberty and weren't getting the job done. Excuse me? I asked for specific incidences of "too much liberty" and she stated that someone saw one of my people leaving early to pick up their kid from daycare. That's it? So I asked for a specific incidence of "work not getting done" and she said that basically it all came back to the stupid fucking IT inventory. WHICH WE WEREN'T RESPONSIBLE FOR!

Then she comes to my office this week and says that there are too many shenanigans going on at the warehouse and my relief needs to be out there with them. I was like "what kind of shenanigans?" and she said for me not to worry about it because I'm leaving and I don't need that kind of stress. Also, she wants to move one of her people in my office because that person is at the same pay grade of another employee who has their own office.

OK - if you want my damn office just SAY SO! There is no need to make shit up about my department as a bass ackwards way of getting another office. Trust me - my relief and I will be happy to relocate and stay out of this building and all it's insane and inane inhabitants.

Now, as a final Fuck You Send Off for me my boss said that COS wants me to have a face to face turn-over with my relief. My relief won't be here until two weeks after I'm gone. Which means I have to come in off of leave, find somewhere/someone to keep my daughter and waste a day or two babysitting a grown man.

I FUCKING HATE THIS PLACE!! AND EVERYBODY IN IT!! (except my lunch buddies - they're ok. Oh yeah, and my warehouse people are ok too.) These people better watch out or I'm gonna go all Milton from Office Space on them!



Unknown said...

{{hugs}} soon my dear, you will be out of there soon.

Samsmama said...

Oh, Fuck You Friday, indeed. Hang in there! Not much longer to go.

*Kudos to you for keeping you're cool. I'd have flipped my lid.*

hokgardner said...

As I got closer and closer to my departure date at my last job, I warned one friend that certain people in my office were in grave danger of finding out just how much I didn't like them.

Hang in there.

Bev said...

Those sumbitches are ASKIN' for a Milton melt-down! I say make your last day a memorable one. ;)

Hang in there, girl. The end is in sight.

Kris said...

When I read this it makes me realize why I don't miss being 'enlisted' anymore.

But the grass isn't always greener on the otherside; I just make more money to put up with the stupid shit!

Kristi said...

You're all kinds of fun lately. ;)

Laura Marchant said...

Wow, you had me at your title.

1blueshi1 said...

I totally hear ya & feel ya on this one. Take a deeeeeeeep breath, try to keep your cool, and go have a pedicure.

Sorry I haven't been over to comment in a long time, I can read from my cell's net access but not comment (for some crazy reason that undoubtedly boils down to I AM STUPID....I am quite sure.)

Mary said...

Well calico- you know my motto...
burn that mother down....

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

Calico, I am so proud of you. This is the perfect FU Friday post. *claps*