Friday, March 20, 2009

WTF Friday

This is getting to be something of a habit around here, Friday rantings. Oh well!

Here is a WTF shout-out to Muffin's dad who I affectionately refer to as Jackass. WTF Jackass? Can you at least call me to let me know that your weekend with Muffin is canceled? Oh no, in your passive aggressive world I'm sure that just NOT CALLING and letting me leave unanswered messages on your cell is a perfectly acceptable way to say "This visit will have to be cancelled/postponed as I can not meet you on Friday evening like we discussed."

I have news for you buddy - if you do try and call today I will not be answering the phone. As I said on my message yesterday evening, as far as I'm concerned the meeting is off. I'm not going to drive two hours to some rest stop only to be stood up. AGAIN. Remember that last time when you "forgot?" Never again - not for me, not for Muffin.

BTW, you broke her little heart. I hope you're fucking miserable happy.
It's tough to follow that one, but here is a tiny wtf to the carpet installers. WTF, people? When you say you're going to "move the furniture" I assumed that would mean that you would - I don't know - MOVE THE DAMN FURNITURE! Now you tell me that I have to move everything but the big stuff. Why? Why can't you? Aren't I paying you extra for that shit? And where exactly am I supposed to put everything? In my magical invisible storage shed? Oh yeah, and thanks - Monday will be fine. I'll just spend my ENTIRE weekend getting the place ready for you. Yeah. Thanks for that.

Well. That was cathartic. Have a Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

omg, seriously.
what a jackass....I feel for least you get her for the weekend, but that doesn't help her little heart to know that her dad is a fuckwad.


Tina said...

Poor Muffin... And He's an assfuck!!

Amber D. said...

I really hate it that we are going through very similar situations, (and write blogs about it on the same day!), but it's nice to know I have someone that understands what I'm going through. What the hell were we thinking sleeping with these people and procreating!? At least we have our beautiful girls, with (hopefully) none of their asshole daddy's traits... :)

Thanks for your comment, and I hope you and Muffin have a great weekend!

Laura B. said...

Oh my...poor little Muffin. It's got to be hard for you to constantly be covering for such an idiot. That is a big WTF!

Chris said...

What a dick! Poor Muffin!!

Mary said...

poor muffin! My cousin's dad used to do the same fucking thing to her- she'd be all packed and waiting to be picked up and he'd simply not call, no nothing. It happened more times than not.
I'm so sorry- and sorry that he's such an asshole/jackass/fucktard.
You both deserve better.
p.s. I hate the carpet guys right along with you:(

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i'm so sorry about your dealings with jackass. what a tool.

my jackass is off making a fucking penny and i'm here with the kids. but we're having fun! ;)

Anonymous said...

Bugger, I wished I'd read all your posts before commenting.

Poor Muffin - that sucks and poor you for having to deal with it too. What a berk.

And the carpet people - tell them you've broken your leg and can't move furniture. If they challenge you, tell them you've got a new high-tech cast on made by NASA that you can't show them coz it's a secret prototype. Or something.