Thursday, March 19, 2009

Big Sigh

Do you heave great big sighs for (seemingly) no reason at all? Well, I do. In fact I think it's a family trait because both of my sisters do it too. I'm pretty sure my mom does it but I haven't caught her. Yet.

The heaving of a great big sigh is a code that begs the question: "What's on your mind?" or perhaps "Is anything the matter?" It is a passive aggressive entreaty for sympathy. It usually is accompanied by a downward cast glance and maybe a tiny pout.

The Big Sigh is great and all when you live with someone who does not practice Big Sighs. It kind of sucks when there are two or more Big Sighers in the house because eventually we will all want to be consoled at the same time and that's not pretty. At that point the Sighs get bigger, the pouts grow larger and instead of a downward cast glance there is an outright glare.

No, it's not really like that - but sometimes it felt like that when I lived with my family. I'm sure you would never have guessed this - but we're a pretty melodramatic crowd. For some reason melodramatic types need people to pay attention to them and when there are a bunch of us together nobody is satisfied.

That being said, I'm heaving a Great Big Huge Sigh because Muffin is going to visit her daddy tomorrow. I have plenty of things to keep me busy this weekend, but I know I will be lonely for her. However, being the melodramatic martyr that I am, I will never let on that I pine for my little Muffin. Oh no, better for her to remain clueless and happy to see her step-siblings.


Dammit, where is an audience when you need one!



Samsmama said...

All I can say is,


Try to enjoy your weekend!

Amber D. said...


Miss Priss has been at her dad's since Friday, and I'm slowly going nuts. I thought the break would be nice, but now I'm ready for my sweet cuddlebug to be home. I can definitely relate to how you're feeling!

Take some "me time" and get a pedi, watch some cheesy movies, and have a glass of wine. That'll cheer you up. :)

knittergran said...

DH says I have a Big Sigh, but I'm not aware of it and am confused when he asks "What's wrong?"
Have a relaxing weekend!

Laura B. said...

Oh, I do the BIG SIGH too. I think I do it more often than I'm aware of actually. This weekend will pass quickly a Little Muffin will be home before you know it.


Unknown said...


Chris said...

I really don't ever sigh. I'm more verbal. This sucks!!! This is BS!! I freakin hate this!!! Those are my things.

This post reminded me of an episode of Roseanne where one of the girls kept sighing loudly.

Samsmama said...

Dang! I forgot to mention how much I like the new picture. It's wonderful! I've never been able to capture one of those that didn't turn out all blurry.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i do big sighs all the time. my asshole in-laws always think that something's wrong when i do it. while on the phone with my MIL, "***sssiiigghhh***. how are you?" MIL: "is everything okay?"

there is NOTHING more annoying (to me) than being asked "is everything okay" or "what's wrong?"

Anonymous said...

You and I must never meet. I am a HUGE sigh-er and get very irritated if I don't get the requisite sympathy.

Still, on the upside, Muffin must be home by now - yay!