Thursday, March 12, 2009

Freaky Dream

I am one of those people who get the odd dream once or twice a week. Usually nothing to write home about, but you know - memorable. The kind of dream that makes you scratch your head the next morning and ask "what is my crazy sub-conscious trying to tell me this time?"

Last night I woke in a sweat from a crazy awful dream and couldn't get back to sleep. It started out fine - I was in a hospital for some kind of surgery and the nurse was taking me back to see the doctor. In fact, as I had been watching a mystery set in a hospital before I went to bed, it's kind of predictable - right?

Instead of taking me to the doctor she takes me to the bar. Then she starts drinking and I start drinking and a lot of other hospital staff shows up - it's a party! Except apparently there's this one doctor who has a "thing" for the nurse I'm with and he keeps hitting on her. She keeps pushing him away and eventually goes off with someone else. So, the doctor and I keep drinking.

Eventually I wind up in the bathroom watching this drunk guy take a bath and try to blow dry his hair at the same time. Can we all see where this is heading? I try to reach him before he sticks the blow dryer in the bath but, because of dream slo-mo, I can't make it. I pull him out and suddenly - it's not some weird doctor guy who has just been electrocuted, it's my daughter.

I remember seeing her laid out on the bathroom floor and I woke up. FREAKED OUT! After I checked on Muffin to make sure she's still alive I laid back down and tried to go back to sleep but I couldn't get the image of my little girl out of my head. Still can't.

I'm thinking I should let her stay dirty and never use a hair dryer. What do you think?


Samsmama said...

She stays dirty, never uses a hair dryer, and you need to go get drunk at a bar. And I am NOT kidding when I say that my word verf is "issue". :)

Unknown said...

I am almost crying with you...WOW.

happy thoughts happy thoughts

I would lOVE to participate in your giveaway, giveback thing, but I am not at all crafty to play along...unless you count um paper snowflakes and moms, I am sure we have enough shitty crafts laying around. :D

Mary said...

wow- I too suffer from horrible near paralyzingly (?) scary dreams...but that is a whopper!
Once I dreamed I was battling the waves of some ocean to get back to shore to get to my kids...I finally got on land and kept yelling and running but they couldn't hear me. Finally, in slow motion, Max looks at me and I asked why they didn;t answer, and he said, 'don't you know mommy? you're dead.'
I woke up crying- for real.
But that was to make you feeeel better- you know, you're not the only crazy one :)Not that I think you're no no...I'll stop now :)

ATenorio said...

whoa, that dream would freak me the eff out. yeah, i think i would be uneasy for days after that one. if it makes you feel any better, i agree with what you said about my dream... dreams like this are just a manifestation of our protective feelings for our children.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god - you poor thing. I'm also sending happy thoughts for you. I agree, no baths, no hair dryers and maybe no toasters or electric fires for good measure.

Chris said...

Gord Lood!!

LMAO! I mean Good Lord!! See, screwed me up so bad my fingers forgot how to type.

I HATE dreams like that and I have them all the time. I vote for keeping her dirty. It's good for her anyways. They say that the more clean you are as a child, the more likely you are to have allergies as an adult.

My kids.... they're not gonna be allergic to ANYTHING. lol

(Word verf - Pug Ho - Not sure if they mean me or you... but...)