Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day? & Last Day!

Ok, I called my boss yesterday morning and told her that I would be willing to come in if she felt it necessary but felt that the road conditions merited a liberal leave policy if at all possible. Sounds good right? She bought it. But, then she went and called her boss and he said something to the extent of "Screw you guys and get your asses in here."

So, I took my time on the icy roads and finally made it to work about 10:45am. My boss came in at 11:30am. Her boss told us to go home at 12:00pm. Fuckers.

Well, by that time Muffin was already in nap mode at her daycare so I took the opportunity to do a little retail therapy - which reminds me!

Today is the last day to enter my first ever give-away for a $30 Kohls gift card!! I will be closing the comments at 10pm tonight. Then I'll make up little slips with names for Muffin to do the drawing first thing tomorrow morning. The winner will be posted along with the pictures on tomorrow's post!

Best of luck to you all!! I hope you buy something fun!


Samsmama said...

So you were at work for all of 75 minutes? That's some bs, right there. Glad you got to do some shopping!

Unknown said...

what assholes.

so...what'd ya buy?

hokgardner said...

I'd have left my kid at daycare for the day too!

Laura Marchant said...

Oh I'd be ticked!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, did he not realise what a berk he was being. Damn him for making you go in. Glad you got some time off though!