Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carpet Fiasco

Don't you hate it when you have a slew of things on your "to do" list and, try as you might, can't check any off? So frustrating!

I had several errands to run after work and was thwarted at every turn. One of the errands was to discuss my new carpet quote with the dude from Lowes - but he wasn't there! The other guy in the flooring section said he would get my quote out to go over but he had questions about it.

I had questions too! I snuck a peek at the quote and it was $1000 more than the estimate in my head - what's up with that? And why, oh great Lowes flooring people, is my installation cost over $1500? What's up with that? Where is the $139 installation special you guys are supposed to be running? Yes, I know that there is an extra fee for stairs as well as for moving furniture - but how can it be that much?

As I am mentally trying to figure out how to pay for this (yeah, the tax refund isn't gonna cut it) the Lowes dude says it looks like they didn't include the padding. So, he's going to have to ask the fellow that put the quote together. And of course that means more money, right?

Trying not to hyperventilate I stammered that I would be happy to return later in the week when the gentleman who put the quote together can discuss it with me. Meanwhile, Muffin was being an angel since somebody (ME!) thought ahead and brought a coloring book. I was very grateful for her good behavior.

Lord have mercy, please let the guy who put the quote together pull something magical out of his ass. Due to the "cat smell" and the paint that I careless flung all over the place - I can't afford NOT to get new carpet! Carpet, I hate you.


Samsmama said...

$1500? That's just stupid! It's carpet, not a new kidney.

Laura B. said...

Whoa...I'm amazed. All I can say is that I have the Empire Today commercial running through my head.

Sing it with me...5-8-8-2-3-hundred...EMPIIIIIIIIIRE TODAY!

Missie said...

I agree! Call the Empire man!

Mary said...

WTF??? I hate all of these people- caroet people, painter people, tree cutter-downers,electricians, plumbers...and especially roffers!
Rip off artists- every last one.
all Empire- just so I can see what happens :)

Mary said...

shit shit shit- that was CARPET people. not caroet people. jesus.

Mary said...

hee hee hee- and roofers :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, sounds to me like he put the decimal point in the wrong place.

Well done for taking the colouring book - good mummy!