Thursday, March 26, 2009


OK, I know I've been neglecting my blog but in my defense a few things have been happening around these parts.

1) Muffin Baby-Daddy Drama. So guess who called last Friday at 9pm? Yeah, it was Jackass. He claimed that he had tried to reach me on my cell phone all day when he knows damn good and well that I have no cell reception in my building. And, he has my work number - so why not call that? Also, he could have left a message on my home phone - but, no. So he calls at 9pm and wants to see if we can meet first thing in the morning. I said no, he got pouty and I had to laugh in his face and tell him to grow the fuck up. We are supposed to meet this Friday but again, no call = no go. Hopefully he got the point.

2) I got a storage shed!! Yay! I spent most of the weekend boxing shit up and then on Sunday I borrowed the storage shed's complimentary moving truck to move all my crap in one fell swoop. It was awesome. Well, not really - I still have bruises and sore muscles - but it was awesome to get it all finished at once. Muffin was an especially helpful little lady. She was the self-proclaimed "Elevator/Hand Cart Girl" who was in charge of holding the hand cart while I loaded boxes on it and pressing the elevator buttons. She constantly reassured me that:

"There is no need to worry! Elevator/Hand Cart Girl is On The Job! Everything is under control!"

I'm not sure where she picked up that particular phrase, but it made me squeeze her while my heart burst with love and affection. Then we went to McD's because she deserved it. So did I.

3) I GOT NEW FUCKING CARPET!!! And it is so pretty and clean. I love it. It took the dudes all day on Monday, but around 7pm they finished up and we were free to roll around walk on the new carpet and feel it squish happily through our toes. Joy!

4) Muffin had her ENT follow-up appointment to check on ear-tubes and other ENT related things. The tubes are finally on their way out! I thought we'd be living with those things forever, but the Doc said we should find them on her pillow in the next couple of months. Super!

Also - I discovered that the ENT office offers "painless ear piercing" which I thought was pretty cool. The technician explained that they use a topical anesthetic to numb up the area and then "bam" pierced ears. I am considering it. We shall see...

5) Remember my NEW CARPET? Well, in a fit of guilt, I let the cats out of their new "cat-habitation unit" and allowed them to roam around the kitchen, stretch their legs and complain pitifully. Louis subsequently leapt over the baby gate that I had placed across the entrance to the kitchen, ran in the living room and pissed on the floor. It took all of my willpower not to throttle that cat in front of Muffin. Seriously. I still might kill him, I'm not sure yet.

I doused the area with animal-fluid cleaning solution and dabbed it up. That fucking cat had better be praying that the odor disappears because if not - he's dead. Or at least take him to the Humane Society. Or maybe I'll do a few shots and get over it. I'm not sure.

So, that's my life in a nutshell this past week. I intend to paint baseboards, put nick-knacks and books back on shelves and generally "stage" the house this weekend. Crunch time is upon us at Case de Bebop. Wish me luck!


Mary said...

oh my god- i would kill that cat. Seriously. Kill that cat.
But good for you for not killing him and yay for all your hard work! Thank god muffin was on the job! Without quality elevator/nahd cart help things can quickly get out of control :)

Samsmama said...

Man, I hope that smell goes away! That shit is potent!

And I sort of just want to punch Muffin's baby-daddy in the throat. I'm just sayin'.

Good luck over there!

PorkStar said...

Uhm, get stuffed animal cats instead lol..

Unknown said...

damn girl...that's a lot...good for you getting so much done...

and yeah, surprised that cat is still walking...grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, you have been busy. Makes my excuse for not coming to visit you for a week look pretty bloody pathetic. I think best thing to do would be to throw the cat really hard at Muffin's baby-daddy thus solving two problems with one set of claws.