Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Key Words

I'm jumping on the band wagon and posting about searches that have found my blog. I've been keeping track for a couple of months but some show up pretty consistently. Namely "Hal Sparks" and "Lost Toys."

Then there is the entire section dedicated to things getting stuck in the ass. GEEZ!

From my post about Hal Sparks:
  • Hal Sparks
  • Hal Sparks Haircut
  • Gay Makeout
  • blogger.com: the guys next door (?)

From my post about the Tudors:
  • Henry Cavill
  • Rhys Meyers

From my many, many posts about Lost:
  • Lost Toys
  • Sawyer Lost Abs
  • Sawyer Lost Season 5 Abs

From my post about the piriformis injection: (some are quite dirrrty)
  • Ass Leg
  • googled in the ass
  • Just my ass please
  • sadistic needle
  • ass needle

From my Post about Star Wars:
  • Star Wars Lols
  • Leia Bikini

From my post about Muffin's attack of the Croup last year:
  • croup flovent albuterol
  • Croup Rag
  • Delsym Dreaming

Completely Random:
  • quiz leading lady
  • mickey rourke scary
  • Puzzle Princess
  • Cute Quotations
  • What's in your mascara
  • What is capcha


PorkStar said...

wow the ass stuff is uhm... crazy

Tina said...

Goggled in my Ass...LMAO!!

Unknown said...

googled in my ass is my favorite too, in fact, i am going to google it now...

good times!

Missie said...

How do I do this?

Chris said...

LOL Googled in the ass. That's hilarious.

Sassy Pants said...

"ass needle" scares me on many levels. Hell, just the word needle scares me. I'm actually surprised I can give injections at work.