Friday, February 27, 2009

F-U Friday

As an homage to MOFM, I'm sending a few Friday "F-U" shout outs:

Fuck You insincere bitch at the retirement ceremony. Fuck your fake smile and your fake well wishes. We all know you only came for the food. Loser. Take your damn cake and lumpia back to your office so we don't have to put up with your bullshit any longer.

Fuck You long-winded program manager trying to cheat the system. We get that you're over worked but that doesn't excuse your blatant attempt to hire family members through the back door or your 30 minute long apologies and explanations. Try playing by the rules for once and get back to work!

Fuck You IT department! You can not blame the fact that you neglected to perform regular inventories on me or my department. Grow a set of balls and stop throwing other people under the bus! Oh yeah - and go inventory your shit.

Fuck You boss lady. Fuck your tirades and bad attitudes when shit doesn't go your way. Fuck You for not knowing what is going on in your department. Fuck You for ALWAYS taking Friday off (ok, maybe I'm just jealous there) and Fuck You for getting pissy with us after you have dropped the ball. We are not mind readers. Stop fucking around and do your job.

Lastly, Fuck You paint in my hair.

Whew. I feel better!


Sassy Pants said...

Don't you feel better now?!

Samsmama said...

"Fuck you, paint in my hair"!

By far, my favorite!!

Unknown said...

lol I agree with Samsmama...

fuck you paint in my hair


next best thing to fuck you friday...SUCK IT tuesday (or whatever day I decide to tell the world to suck it)

Missie said...

Suck it Sundays? That might be a leetle sacrilegious... but it's got a nice ring to it. :)

I have no FU Friday to give other than our shipping department was supposed to have sent 6 skids of boxes to a customer (cause, you know, we make boxes) and we sent a chair instead. On a skid. Wrapped in bubble wrap.

Maybe I woke up in another universe and we are a chair making company now? I unno.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

oh calico, i'm SO proud of you!

btw, i'm in the process of drafting an FU Friday myself, but it's going to pale in comparison to this one.


Anonymous said...

Always good to get stuff like that off your chest.

Tina said...

I fucking love it!

Unknown said...

Liking your job these days?

GoteeMan said...

wow... that was inspiring!

J/ (

Mary said...

In really need to start a fuck you- helps so much!
nice job. I especially love the 'fuck you paint in my hair' we all do it seems :)

ATenorio said...

wow, i feel better just reading that! quite an inspiring fu!!