Friday, February 6, 2009


I called in sick today. I know, it's shameful isn't it? I'm a grown woman and should be beyond this kind of behavior but I guess I'm not.

The fact is - I've got a crap ton of stuff to do around the house in order to get it on the market next month! As many of you know, trying to do things like paint, strip wallpaper, polish hardware and refinish cabinets is not exactly easy to do with a small child underfoot.

I mean, I could put a movie on upstairs but that will only hold her interest for a little while before she would come to investigate her Mama. Frankly, it's hard enough to get me going so once I'm in action it's best not to have any distractions around that may call a halt to hard work.

Why didn't I use any leave days? Simple. If I'm not going to be having a good time, I'm not using my leave days. How selfish is that?!? Besides, I want to have plenty of leave saved up so that I can resign a couple of months early and still get a paycheck. Once again - quite selfish, but I own it.

So here I am, in grubby clothes, playing hookie so I can get some work done. Experiencing some guilt, but confident that feeling won't last very long. Hope you guys have a better Friday than me - and a great weekend too!


hokgardner said...

I'm very envious. I wish I could play hooky.

Amber D. said...

Eh. It happens. Sometimes you need a mental health day (that's what I call it), to avoid taking sick days later. (Sounds good, right??)

bernthis said...

I'm a single mom of a five year old and darling, you do what you have to do for yourself. You don't need to justify anything.

Unknown said...

Okay - I'm a bit behind, here, given I've been on vacation and bit busy since coming back. You're resigning? And moving? And changing jobs?

Take some time for you in all of this. You have a lot going on.

Unknown said...

don't feel guilty, not one bit.

ATenorio said...

I've always thought sick days were like bonus vacation days that you can just take on the fly. Don't feel guilty!!