Thursday, February 25, 2010

WTF Thursday - Facebook FTW

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook. There are times when I think it's pure evil and times when I think it's just slightly wicked. One of the things I HATE are the "friend suggestions" and here is a failbooking entry that completely captures this feeling:

Funny Facebook Fails
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No kidding! If I haven't "friended" them in the past year or so that probably means I don't WANT to "friend" them! PLEASE stop suggesting that I reconnect with someone I loathe!!! Kai Thks!


Elliott said...

"You should reconnect with this girl who shared awkward, uncomfortable nakedness with you 20+ years ago. Really, your significant other won't mind."

Um, thanks anyway.

calicobebop said...

Lol... Yeah, in my case they want me to reconnect with a guy that I went on ONE date with and never saw again. For a reason! Do I want to be cyber-stalked? No thanks!

Barbara said...

I have the same issue with Facebook. I would just like it to LEAVE ME ALONE!

Kris said...

What I really hate about Facebook is when people friend me that I have NO interest in being Facebook friends with (like co-workers)
And there is always that one girl that 'over-shares' on her status...

Mala said...

FB harvests the powers of Satan, I swear.
They (the FB Demons) keep friend suggesting this bitch who made my existance miserable for 2 years. Why? What the friggin friggidity?! We don't even have any mutual friends. How on earth did FB connects us? Evil. Just evil.