Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Not Wordless Wednesday - Snowmageddon

Here I am literally up to my knees in snow. That hasn't happened since... never.

My car the morning after. Those little black specs on the hood? My wiper blades sticking straight up! The second car to the left is partially dug out here (because they are way smarter than me and chose to dig during the snow). You can see the ledge of three feet on the rear of their BMW.

Paolo after the three back breaking hours of digging. There was a big pile of snow directly behind all of the cars because we were TOLD by the HOA to throw the snow in the middle for the plow to move. Apparently the fire marshal wasn't included in those instructions because we all got in trouble. Whoopsie!

You can see the wall of snow behind my lovely Paolo here. Needless to say, when the plow did come through I had to spend another hour of back breaking labor to make a path for him. Curse you snow plow! It's a love/hate relationship.

So, those are the pictures - none of my fraidy cat cautious daughter because the drifts were too high in her opinion. Afterall, if she got lost who would fill my heart? (her real question, I kid you not). Well, Muffin - you make a good case.


knittergran said...

Wow! Just...Wow!

Elliott said...

This does make the case for a garage...I don't miss these days at all.

And Muffin makes a very valid point. Of course, you could strap a six-foot fiberglass rod to her jacket with an orange flag at the top while she's out shoveling Paolo out of the next storm...

J said...

Holy Cow dude.

I should print these photos and pass them around here and say, "SEE?! THIS IS SNOW!" (Not the 3" we got)

Hope you've dethawed a little by now!

Mala said...

That Muffin is a cutie-pie!

You should get out of the snow and move to NH! HAHAHAHA!


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's a lot of snow. Your car seemed to be as excited as I would have been.

^ ^


Unknown said...


tattytiara said...

Wow indeed. Meanwhile up here in northern Canada we're already worried about summer drought because we've gotten so little snow!