Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't I have a blog or something?

So, I guess being snowed in and having a federal holiday all rolled up together means I forget how to post, right? One would think that I could post from home but ironically – I am much busier at home than I usually give myself credit for. Also, though I’m sure blog fodder abounds, it never occurs to me until I’m on that long-ass commute to or from work. I’m like a trained animal that way.

I suppose you have all read plenty of posts about Snowmageddon DC 2010 by now, haven’t you? Enough to make you want to tear out your eyeballs at the slightest mention of snow and snow-related bitching? Well, I won’t put you through that. Much. Just a couple of highlights:

1. Snow fall is pretty. Snow on the ground sucks. Three feet of snow on the ground sucks big time.
2. It took me a total of four hours to dig my car out. Twice.
3. Muffin refused to take a “winter walk” with me on the grounds that she was afraid I would lose her in the snow.
4. Muffin and I had just the tiniest bit too much togetherness.
5. Going to work last Friday was both a relief and a nightmare – the roads were terrible and honestly? Who closes for a WHOLE WEEK only to open on the Friday before a three-day-weekend?

That’s pretty much it. One would think I would have unpacked a lot of boxes but that didn’t happen. Hey – I’m giving myself to Easter remember? I still have something like six weeks to get everything squared away and anyway, snow days are for fun – am I right? Why waste a snow day doing something practical?

Today is Fat Tuesday and I’ve decided to give up booze for Lent. Let’s see how that goes shall we? Anybody else participating? If so, what are you giving up?


hokgardner said...

My daughters are up there in the land of snowmageddon, and they are having a blast. Sorry, but your misery has provided great entertainment for two texas-born chicks.

Anonymous said...

I love you! I have missed your posts. I am giving up FACEBOOK!!! I decided it in a dream the other night and realized that is a wonderful idea. We have to have a phone date soon! Miss you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't you hear? The Groundhog saw his shadow. You get six additional weeks to unpack.

We had about 4 inches of snow here in Mississippi, which is a major and glorious event involving the closing of pretty much everything. I would bet a full dollar or two that we had more snowmen per capita last Friday than any other place in the world.

Unknown said...

There you are. Missed you. I don't know what to give up for Lent. If anything. I don't smoke. I don't drink, really, except for some sipping Rum once in a great while. And I absolutely, positively will NOT give up ... you know what. Life's too damn short to be giving up the good stuff.

Krimmyk said...

December/ January we had too much family time too. There were drifts 8-14 feet across our roads. I don't do lent, but I don't drink, smoke or anything like that. I would give up swearing or sacrasm, but then I know I would shrivel up and die. It's like breathing. Good luck to you with your Lenten goal.

Elliott said...

Love Muffin's excuse.

Sadly, even people who drive in snow six months a year aren't very good at it. And I assume you had to work Friday just to keep the rest of the nation from becoming too jealous of a company-mandated vacation.

I've given up on unpacking, every time we get too settled we just move again. I need to start the major purge this weekend for our next cross-country jaunt.

I'd think about giving up salt or diet soda, but I'd never get them back. It's been years since I gave anything up for Lent.

Mala said...

I'm giving up triathalons. What?

Glad you're back on the radar!

Barbara said...

I'm sorry. I was all prepared to believe that it really was you blogging again when I read the bit about the booze. Who is writing this blog now?