Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Rambles

Wow. Friday. End of a five-day work week. Been a while since I’ve worked five days in a row – thanks to snow, and more snow and President’s day and then some more snow. I’m so exhausted that I have absolutely nothing to blog about.

That doesn’t mean I can’t ramble on though! Let’s hear it for some rambling!

I have fostered an addition in my child. She is now a hard core gamer. That’s right – when faced with a week of forced togetherness I broke down, went to the local game store and bought a Barbie horseback riding game. It was a life-saver at the time and now she wants to play it all the time. I’ve to get medieval tough and restrict game time to weekends and only for a couple hours. When she asked why that rule didn’t apply to me I had to lay it out for her: “Because I’m the Mama, that’s why.”

Let’s hear it for being the Mama.

Sometimes being the Mama sucks though – like when you have to figure out where that odd smell is coming from? And when there are bugs to be killed… And snow to be shoveled… Though, Elliott did suggest that I toss Miss Muffin out there next winter because (in his words) it will make her strong, like bear! Know what? I’m totally going to do it. Next winter (and watch there be no snow) she’s getting her very own shovel to “help” Mama.

Speaking of “helping” Mama… I want to introduce my six-year-old to some real household chores. You know, make her earn her keep! I remember helping out with chores when I was young, but I can’t remember how old I was. I usually had to dust baseboards, vacuum, load the dishwasher and clean bathrooms but is that too much for my girl? I mean, she already makes her bed and keeps her room neat – doesn’t that mean she can graduate to some REAL housecleaning? Have I brought this up before? Maybe I’ll start her out with the bathroom – it’s my least favorite chore anyway.

Muahh ha ha hah… Let’s hear it for child labor.

Speaking of chores, guess who’s buying a new vacuum this weekend? That’s right – moi! Apparently the move did not agree with my old vacuum as it has begun to make some rather alarming noises and vibrates in my hand. Not that I have anything against the vibrating (ha!) but the noise? The noise concerns me. I’d hate to have the damn thing blow up and kill me. Wouldn’t that be a horrible thing for my daughter to see? Yikes! Does anyone else have crazy morbid thoughts like that? I got so paranoid over the bat-shit-crazy-landlady last fall that I insisted Muffin know how to dial 911 and my parents. Then I bought a new phone and haven’t taught her how to use it yet. Note to self…

I suppose that’s enough randomness for the time being… So, aside from vacuuming, monitoring my daughter’s game usage and teaching her how to dial 911 in case I keel over unexpectedly - we don’t have much planned for the weekend. We might *gasp* get out and go somewhere! Miracle of miracles! Or… not. That’s how we roll – unpredictable, unchained, free as the wind! Have a great weekend!


knittergran said...

I have a sister-in-law who used to suggest to her kids, when they claimed they were "so bored," "there's nothing to do," that they clean the toilets. That usually did the trick! And if you're lucky, Muffin will at least clean one once, thinking that it might be fun!

Samantha Gianulis said...

i love the pic! i have one kid outta 3 who helps me clean. tracking down scents is never fun, this is when a pet dog comes in handy.

Elliott said...

We were given stools or chairs to help with dishes, since my parents never saw the need for a mechanical dishwasher. Folding laundry is a good chore, and yes, we cleaned the bathroom every now and again, or the kitchen sink, and vacuuming is always good.

WV: fooding - as in what I will be doing in the next fifteen minutes or so.

Elliott said...

Should mention. My father, who kept the medical dictionary on the high shelf, convinced us (as my sister was prone to ear infections) that said infections were caused by chocolate and dust. Way to keep us cleaning the house and away from candy, dad.

J said...

My son isn't allowed to play video games during the week either- just Fri/Sat. We said it was that way b/c school work comes first, then chores, then something more exciting. Heh.

Ain't nothing wrong with hooking her up with some chores! Start simple- dirty clothes go here, make your bed, plate to the sink. Besides, they get all excited and cute when there's allowance or a sticker involved. Unless of course you wanted to hand her a shovel and teach her how to move snow. ;) hahaha!

Being a Mama is a tough gig at times, but man, it's so awesome the other 98%. :)

hokgardner said...

We don't have any sorty of gaming devices around here because I'm the one who would spend all day begging to play. And then who would cook and wash laundry?

My girls are responsible for cleaning the bedrooms and for clearing the table and loading the dishwasher after dinner. It takes them forever to do both things, but it's better than my having to do it. Campbell is now in charge of sweeping up under the table after dinner. Fortunately, he's still dumb enough to think using the whisk brook is fun.

Mary said...

child labor...hee hee hee. You crack me up!
I started with clearing dishes...just their own...and we moved up from there. Sounds like Muffin's kicking my kids' asses in the chore department already where are those little ingrates.

Mala said...

I say Hell-to-the-yes on chores! Start her now so by the time she's 10 she'll have your evening cocktail mixed to your liking, and ready to serve as soon as you come home. What?