Monday, July 27, 2009

One Hot Mess

Last Thursday I was excited to go to a job fair in Raleigh, NC sponsored by a veteran's hiring service (which is awesome and I am in no way criticizing). I supposed I had pegged too many hopes on the event for it to actually bear fruit. In fact it was somewhat of a disappointment.

During the week, my sainted patient mother helped me to put together the perfect "job fair" ensemble. It included an apple green, stretchy, button down blouse, some navy "booty" pants, a perfect set of necklace and earrings (appropriately chunky to balance the severe look of the blouse and pants) as well as my own pair of rocking brown faux snake-skin heels (bought quite a while ago but properly blogged). I felt as though I were ready to take on corporate America!

Thursday dawned warm and sticky but I was optimistic about the endeavour and strove to maintain a positive attitude - despite my lack of job fair experience and the weather. As I drove to Raleigh, I contemplated my choice in shoes. After all, it had been literally YEARS since I had worn heels for any length of time. Still, they were hot and I felt they would give me good luck.

The job fair was in the clubhouse of the NC State Wolfpack stadium. Kind of an odd choice, but whatever... When I got out of the car my clothes immediately stuck to me like glue. It was over 90 degrees and probably 100% humidity. My sassy hairstyle surrendered to the damp and immediately became limp and lifeless. My cute clingy shirt shortly sported moist areas and my pants - well, let's just say I didn't know I could sweat in so many diverse places.

All of my cracks and crevices were wet. And not in a good way. In short - I was a Hot Mess.

Determined to follow through, I stood, sweltering, in one line to register and many lines around the booths. Of the 25 vendors, seven were from education institutions trying to encourage further education. Which is great! But not what I was there for. Five booths were "service" related and offered veteran assistance and stuff - but not jobs. The remaining 13 were pretty specialized in the type of employees they were seeking. Sadly, I was told by most recruiters that they were looking for more "technical" types and not an MBA-sporting hot mess seeking a job in management or logistics.


Still, I picked up some great information and intend to actively search their job openings because hey - they came to a job fair sponsored by a veteran's hiring sevice! They must be cool with hiring veterans, right? The fact that they didn't actively recruit me was because they didn't have a job that would utilize my particular skill sets - right? It's not that I gave a horrible first impression is it?


Needless to say, I came back to my parent's house pretty discouraged. And Friday morning? My legs were killing me! I hobbled around their house like I had just recently experienced a bout of wild drunken sex. I suppose they had seen this particular stagger from me plenty of times before - because they didn't bat an eye.

(insert totally fictional conversation that didn't really happen...but could have...)

Me: "Jesus! My legs are killing me!"

Mom: "Really, honey? There's some aspirin in the medicine cabinet. Now do you want scrambled eggs for breakfast or are you still on that diet."

(God, I love my parents - they are so non-plussed)


The culprit? My awesome mile high 2 inch heels. Damn, looking good is painful. But at least my feet pulled it off. Can they interview my feet?

I wore khaki polyester for seven years and yet, new fangled office attire is beyond me!


knittergran said...

Great shoes!!!
I hope the job hunt goes well-scary times, but supposedly getting better.

Anonymous said...

Your feet looked beautiful and I'm sure the rest of you did too. Surely they're used to hot messes there?

I know the only reason you didn't get hired was because they didn't have a job with the appropriate skill set. Good luck, you'll find something soon.

Babe in Babeland said...

Those are great shoes! It is scary times with the job searching, but I believe you can do it!!!

travellinbaen said...

Calico your good attitude and good humor about the whole ordeal is slightly sickening. I would still be cussing. I'm kidding of course, at least about the sickening part. Damn, there's not much worse than job hunting, especially in times like these. But with the three personal skills highlighted in this post-attitude, humor and footwear--you are as well, um, equipped as it gets.

PorkStar said...

Nice legs... *ahem and shoes.

Good luck with the job search too, don't give up.

MommyTime said...

Anyone who holds a job fair in a setting like that must be expecting some kind of heat stroke messes. I am sure you were more poised than you think, based on the confidence and calm I see in this post. Good luck with what I know is such a difficult search.

Unknown said...

If the rest of you looks as good as those feet/shoes and calves ... *ahem*, well, obviously, they're hiring to skills and not office decorations. It's a shame your skillset didn't fit anything on offer there - but I'm willing to bet they won't soon forget you.

Mary said...

wow- you made me laugh...I always have to consider teh 'sweat factor' when choosing outfits, but standing in your those shoes? It was like the trifecta of discomfort! Poor calico...
anyway, I have never EVER worn a hot looking pair of shoes without almost immediately regretting it.
I never learn.

Unknown said...

them shoes are HOT...and maybe ONE DAY they will get you hot and sweaty with someone in all the righ tplaces.