Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday Funnies

I am blatantly stealing this one from Samsmama because I KNOW my younger sister is going to DIE when she sees it.

It's the original Star Wars trilogy summed up by a person who has never actually seen all three movies. Which, in my book, is a complete travesty.

Lil Sis and I used to watch The Trilogy over and over on our pirated VHS copies all. summer. long. It was right up there with James Bond, Monkey's re-runs and Scooby Doo. We're talking serious. I remember playing with the next-door-neighbor's kids and all of us girls wanting to be Princess Leia. Since I was the biggest oldest I won. HA! Everyone else had to be her mythical sisters. Bwahh ha ha ha...

Childhood - isn't it grand!

Anyhoo - without further ado:

Whew - don't mind me. I'm just wiping the tears from my eyes. Thanks Samsmama!


Anonymous said...


Samsmama said...

My husband is making fun of me for how often I've watched this. And I still laugh like a hyena.

The "brown muppets" part gets me every time.

Now, don't hate me for this, but she actually does a better job than I would. I've seen them all, but just once.

*hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

I love Star Wars. Everything Star Wars. This video is a scream. Excellent find SM and Calico. I may have to re-steal it.


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