Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Classics - Satie's Gymnopedie #2 & #3

I know - two in one week! #2 doesn't get much play time in this house but #3 is especially lovely and haunting. Particularly when you play it back to back with #1 (from last week).

I first heard #1 on a mix-tape from my first love. #3 was introduced to me via my daughter's bedtime music CD. I remember hearing it and thinking how lovely it was. I suppose it is a little more haunting and melodramatic - but that's how we roll in these parts!

#2 was a surprise - it wasn't on any other music compilation I owned. I just stumbled across it and, of course, was delighted.

Here they are - #2 and #3 of Satie's Gymnopedie collection.

Enjoy! That finishes off this trio. Next week - something new!


Anonymous said...

Well bless you, thank you for all that lovely music. It's good to be reminded of things I haven't heard for a while.

Samantha Gianulis said...

That music made my kids scream "TURN IT DOWN!" but it relaxed me like a dream =)

Babe in Babeland said...

That was BEAUTIFUL! Thank you. :-)