Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Classics - Carnegie Hall Edition

My district high school orchestra had the distinct honor to be invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in 1990. Of course by "distinct honor" they meant "if you can afford it - you can come."

So, my high school orchestra conductor decided that we would go. There were two high schools in our school district. We practiced together every Tuesday evening and we had many fundraisers to help raise the money for our entire district high school orchestra to attend Carnegie Hall in the late spring.

I participated in nearly 100% of those fundraisers. I come from a family of four children and with four kids come four pleas for funds - especially when we are all involved with something associated with the arts. My two sisters are talented thespians, my brother and I are more musical but I also participated in debate. Which makes me a big fat dork - I own that.

So, while my siblings were selling band fruit (you know - the oranges and tangerines sold around the holidays) I sold Christmas evergreens door-to-door, participated in Strolling Strings (a performance group hired by organizations in need of musical entertainment) and sold candy at school. My experience in NYC was nothing short of magical.

Here is the piece we played. The fourth movement of Dvorak's 8th Symphony. It still brings tears to my eyes. Enjoy!


Samsmama said...

Beautiful music!

"If you can afford it-you can come", ain't that the truth?

Speaking of big fat dork, my school had a fundraiser where we went door to door selling trash bags. Cool, huh? And 5th grade I was top seller.

(Where ya been? I gave you an award Wednesday!)

Elle Charlie said...