Thursday, May 21, 2009

Post Vacation Let Down

It's almost as bad as the post-Christmas let-down that I used to experience. You know, you get all worked up and excited and then - BAM - it's over and you're left with a couple of new toys and some sweaters from those family members that have no clue what to buy kids.

Coming back to work was absolutely gut-wrenching. I had clammy hands and stomach cramps on the drive in. I imagined that my Outlook Inbox would be overflowing and tons of fires to put out. Also, I was secretly afraid that my uniform might not fit after two weeks of drinking and having fun.

While the inbox was pretty full, my department succeeded in running itself fairly well without me. That should have made me feel better but I managed to feel sorry for myself because I now had proof that I was superfluous. I can take any smile and turn it into a frown. It's a gift. But hey! The uniform fit!

I promised myself to work very hard on my job applications and taking care of a few things that have fallen to the wayside like Vet visits for my mentally-challenged cats, a check-up for my faithful car Paulo and some home repairs that the city says I need to do. Also, my house could use a good cleaning/dusting after having been away for two weeks.

Now it's Thursday and the only thing I've managed to do is make an appointment for my car and sit on my ass. I'm chalking it up to post-vacation-let-down. Muffin is going to her Dad's this weekend and I'm afraid I'm going to sit on my ass some more. Maybe I'll get motivated next week. Or maybe pigs will fly out of my butt.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures taken by my traveling companion Deb. I'm still sorting through all of mine (over 400!) and trying to figure out what each piece of ancient something-or-other is so I can label them correctly. I promise Deb! I'll wrap it up this weekend!!

Pre-luggage delivery look with St. Peter's in the background:

Post-luggage delivery with the Coliseum in the background.


Logical Libby said...

Sit on your butt all weekend.
Consider it your vacation afterglow. Then on Monday get going again.

Unknown said...

And the uniform fit? Now THAT'S the way to come back from vacation.

Bev said...

Nice pics! You two look great, and you couldn't ask for a better backdrop!

Laura Marchant said...

I am jealous of your post vacation let down...I want one, lol.

Mary said...

pigs fly out of your butt...hee hee hee.
hang in there. And possibly it would be better to sit on your butt so the pigs can't fly out?...or do you want them cooped up in there all weekend? its a tough call.

Amber D. said...

I'm on the post vacation let down myself... all I've done today is post my pics on facebook. No work has been done at all, and I was an hour late for work. Awesome.