Thursday, May 28, 2009


Is that even a word? Randomness? Spell-check says YES! Score!

I took today off in order to service my car. My lovely Paolo. I love him so. When I called to schedule the maintenance the service rep indicated that it would take several hours and I prepared myself with a book and a cup of coffee. One hour later the service rep came to tell me that everything had been taken care of as he had had two technicians work on my car in order to complete the service in double time.

Ok, great! Except that it was 9:30am and my guilty conscious was telling me that I really ought to go to the office. Ha ha, you silly guilty conscious you. Why would I go in when I've already taken the time off?

What to do, what to do.

Naturally I came home. I petered around my home and decided to look up a show I had seen advertised that is coming on in the fall - Flash Forward. It looked interesting to me based entirely upon the hot cast. Am I shallow? Why yes, I am.

Turns out this show is going to be on ABC and I promptly went to their website to view the trailer. While there, I remembered that I had not seen the last couple of episodes of LOST. I KNOW! How could I be so negligent?!? I have no excuse except that I'm lazy but everyone knows that already.

I downloaded the player and began to watch. HOLY HAND GRENADES! How freaking awesome is this show? I am more in love with it than ever. Jacob? Juliette? H-bombs? Locke dead but not dead? Who's ready for next season? I am! I am!!

And now I'm getting ready to go see a matinee of Wolverine because I love me some X-men and Hugh Jackman in particular. Also - there will be other hot men without shirts and Lord Knows I need some more hot-men-without-shirts.

So that's my random Thursday. Tomorrow I'm going to close on my house. That's right - it's sold! As long as nothing super-crazy comes my way I think I'm ready to go. Maybe I'll buy myself a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Whoo Hoo!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen Watchmen? It has a naked blue man in it - apparently he's quite appealing.

I love that you have discovered a new word that spell check likes. Well done you.

Unknown said...

lol. Lost was kick ass this season!!!

Samsmama said...

Your cars name is Paolo? That's awesome!

Every time Sam sees your header he asks, "Is that me?" Seems he thinks he's the only child to EVER jump in a bouncey house.

Mary said...

dang it- I quit watching Lost after season 2 (never actually finished season 2)...the polar bear was just too much. But everytime I see a new post about it, I feel like I'm missing out. rats.
and yes to hot men in tight clothes- or no clothes- whatever :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you taking a day off :)