Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lazy Memorial Day

Normally I would use a three-day weekend to go see the parents, but we just finished an extended stay and besides, Muffin's dad wanted to get her for his monthly visit. That left me high and dry with tons of housework nothing to do. Boo.

A close friend from college days invited me to drive down and see her on Sunday so I pounced on that suggestion, packed my overnight bag and drove to my hometown for a stealth visit. That is, a visit that none of my family knows about. Because if they knew, I'd be visiting them instead of my friend.

We had a great visit and I received first hand experience on raising two little girls under 5. CRAZY! I don't know how you parents of two (or more) do it. I'd be completed exhausted. Possibly even more cranky than I already am. They are sweet little girls but boy can they keep a body busy!

Since her husband was around to wrangle the little ones my friend and I got our drink on. We stayed up late and shot baskets into her brand new basketball goal. What a blast! I swear I got better the more I drank. I swear!

Yesterday, she wasn't feeling too good and I could see that it was shaping up to be another busy day with two little girls and the last thing they needed was another person to entertain - so I gathered my things and said my goodbyes. Then I drove 2 1/2 hours back home and sat on the couch to watch the entire fourth season of ANTM.

That was my Memorial day. Laid back, ANTM and Pizza Bites. Hope your holiday was just as relaxing!


Bev said...

Dude, you had me at Pizza Bites. And ANTM. Sounds like a great weekend!

Samsmama said...

I spent all day yesterday laying in bed recovering. And watching a marathon of Jon & Kate Plus 8. Pretty sad...

Unknown said...

Mmmmmm. Pizza Bites.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, two children under 5 (well, under 4 in my case). Now you know why I don't get to comment very often! I had a good run but seem to be slipping up a lot of late. I'm still here though.

Glad you had such a lovely weekend. Also quite glad you managed to leave your Man Whore in Italy!

Unknown said...

sounds fantastic!