Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Grandpa's Garden

My grandpa puts out a huge garden every year - this man is in his 90's! He loves the work associated with the garden and especially loves the fruits of his labor. In the summertime I will come home from a visit with a car-load of veggies. Squash, zucchini, okra, corn, melons, tomatoes, you name it - he grows it. This year he put out several tiny blueberry bushes. They won't produce for a few years, but it's something to look forward to.

Here is his vast garden - prepped with seeds and ready to prosper!
Here are some early lettuces that have already come on.
And here is Muffin running with her cousin and some ponies. Run off some of that energy girl, run! :)


Laura Marchant said...

I remember my grandpa having a garden like this when we were little. He also had a pear tree and apple tree orchard. It was awesome! He is still with us but a stroke a couple years ago put a lot of his "fun" activities on hold.

Samsmama said...

He's in his 90's and planting something that won't produce for years? Wow! That's optimistic! My grandma doesn't even renew her magazine subscriptions anymore. :)

Unknown said...

now THAT'S a garden

it is something that reminds me of my grandparents too, I would LOVE their fresh asparagus! Sadly they are no longer with us and my attempts to "garden" have not been successful at all!

Chris said...

Holy cow. He doesn't mess around does he? That's HUGE!!!

Mary said...

AYFKM? That garden is ridiculous for a young person to keep up! I planted a salsa garden one year- about 4x4 and the weeds took over within 3 weeks! I was considering a garden again this year and now maybe I will do it- if a 90 year old man can manage that, then maybe I can keep a tomato plant alive...I at least have hope now :)

Reality Therapist said...

What a great place to play! Great to finally have gardening weather, and seeing pictures of little girls running with their hair bobbing in the wind.