Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Memories Or Jewelry?

I recently had a conversation with my Sissy that posed this question: Would you rather have memories? Or jewelry?

We were discussing my upcoming trip to Rome and I was bragging informing her of my awesome airfare deal - $525 round trip! I was saying "I know you guys aren't really looking to travel right now, but SISSY! At $525 - you guys could have a second honeymoon!"

She sighed and replied "Ahhh, yes. But, I think I'd actually like a ring more than a trip."

And thus began the discussion. Is jewelry (she has a wedding ring - but not an engagement ring) more important than the memories you could make together on an exotic "second honeymoon" trip? There are arguments for both sides!

On the one hand - with a beautiful ring you can bequeath your heirs (as well as show off to your co-workers) with a lovely, valuable piece of family history.

On the other hand - you and your loved one can have an awesomely inexpensive and fun time in a foreign location.

Honestly - for me it's a toss up! I have always proclaimed that my two prerequisites to marriage are A) A ring! and B) A Honeymoon! I want what I want! Sue me!

*ahem - this probably explains a lot about why I've never been married*

But what if those aren't the cards I'm dealt? What if I fall for a perfectly lovely gentleman who wants to claim me yet can't meet my demands. What would I settle for?

Hopefully, if and when that happens, I'll be able to gauge the situation and make a decision. But for now - here are my conclusions:

I know that I will always be able to provide for my needs. So, what I might like would be someone to sacrifice for my wants. Therefore, I would choose jewelry. Because jewelry is from the heart. We can save for a trip together, but a token of love would be the most beautiful surprise I can imagine.

(**oh, and if the "token of love" happens to be a round-trip to somewhere fabulous? That's awesome too!!!**)

My question to you is obvious. What would YOU choose? Memories? Or? Jewelry?


Samsmama said...

I have to go with memories. I've never been a big jewelry fiend. I have this weird feeling that if my son inherited something from me, he'd rather have cash than a ring. And? A friend of mine spent years showing off her "rock". Got divorced, went to pawn it...it's fake.

The fact that my husband gave me a beautiful ring and is taking me on a honeymoon...just a HUGE bonus. :)

hokgardner said...

When B and I got engaged, we had NO money, and I told B he wasn't allowed to go into debt to buy me a ring. The one he gave me was a speck, but I loved it because it was from him. 12 years later, that ring has been replaced by others, which I also love.

But if I were ever given the choice between travel and jewelry, I'd take travel, every time.

Tina said...

I would go with memories..

Unknown said...

wow. I want them both...all of it!


I have LOVED my rings from both marriages...and look where they are now...so.

Mary said...

I'd always choose memories over jewelry and yet...when my husband and I were talking about getting engaged he asked me if I'd be willing to be engaged without a ring...I took a deep breath and told him the truth. I needed a ring. It didn't have to expensive or fancy, but it had to mean something.
He ended up giving me a rock star ring AND a great honeymoon. I definitely won :)

Harmony said...

I'm with Samsmama, I would go for the memories. Because, I too am not a "big jewelry fiend". I am married and have a ring...I don't need anymore jewelry. SO, I am all about going out and having fun. LOL

Kristi said...

I haven't worn the (lovely!) ring I got from the selling of his mustang for years (weight gain, then loss, blah blah)...

I guess what I'm saying is TRAVEL.

Unknown said...

Memories. Definitely memories. Although, a trinket or two to bring those memories rushing back isn't a bad idea - so why not jewelry associated with memory? Best of both worlds.

Anonymous said...

Memories. Hands down. Life is for living.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. I think I'd go with the memories. I've got a wedding and engagement ring so I'm covered for the glam!