Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bribery Works

At least when we're talking about a five-year-old's trip to the dentist. Ms. Muffin has had three previous visits to Dr. Dentist in the past couple of years and only on the last visit did she allow anyone near her teeth. And that was just the technician - the doctor got screamed at.

I'm really not sure where this fear of the dentist came from. I certainly never disparaged my dentist - even when I had braces on! Perhaps it's one of those latent fears that we are all born with. Don't. Mess. With. My. Teeth.

For the past two weeks I've been psyching her up for the visit. I continually praised her last visit and said that she did really really well. I also blatantly bribed her. Not only would she receive the traditional Webkinz for a dental visit - she would receive a meal at McDonalds. I think it's the Happy Meal that clinched it.

She was calm and composed when the technician led her away. Twenty or so minutes later the technician came to fetch me. Muffin was still laying in the chair with her "sunglasses" on to keep out the bright light. The Doctor said all was well and that she did great. He showed me her x-rays and pointed out the adult teeth that were exactly where they were supposed to be. He praised her dental hygiene and all around good manners. Way to go Muffin!

Afterwards she wanted to get her promised McDonalds meal - even though I told her that Ronald McD didn't serve Happy Breakfast Meals. She didn't care. She wanted McDonalds right away. Off we went and she happily scarfed up sausage biscuit, hash brown and milk. I had yogurt parfait and was jealous.

This afternoon we will shop for her Webkinz. She wants a snake. God knows why. I can only pray that she has not developed a fascination with all things snake-like. I was sincerely hoping to avoid that conversation for another ten years. *small sigh*

Way to go, Muffin. I'm proud of you!


Samsmama said...

Hmmm, I could make a really wrong joke, but there is a child involved so I'll pass.

Way to go, Muffin!

I have absolutely no clue what a Webkinz is??? And I think I'm ok with that.

hokgardner said...

Even bribery has not worked with my oldest.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

last time i took my 5yr old to the dentist, he gagged (and then puked) on the bitewing x-ray thing they put in his mouth. it's a good thing i hadn't fed him anything for breakfast! sorry.

good for muffin! and wtf is it about mcdonald's?! SRSLY! if they could eat it every day, they would. they would be sick and on the verge of death, but they'd be happy! happy meal, indeed.

Mary said...

for my girls, the bribe was always a Frosty...but for the boys its Arbys- and that can get pricey for teenage boys. And let me tell you, my oldest is 22 now and she STILL expects a Frosty if she has a rough day.
I've created monsters.

Anonymous said...

I bribe my chidren already and they're only 3 years and 18 months old respectively.

I think a dislike of someone poking around in your mouth is quite normal!

Well done Muffin - it sounds like she fully earnt her McD and Webkinz (which I'm now off to google).

Unknown said...

Don't worry about the 'snake' thing. At that age, it's probably more about Poop than anything else.

Unknown said...

*whew* that is awesome!

Madame Queen said...

That makes me feel so much better!! Punkin has "observed" Bubba having his teeth cleaned twice and was supposed to have hers cleaned after the second observation, but she wouldn't even open her mouth! Not even just for a peep inside.

Way to go, Muffin!