Monday, April 20, 2009

Somebody Has A Case Of The Mondays

And that would be me.

Muffin went to her Daddy's on Saturday (after a long and difficult argument Thursday). I miss her terribly.

The handyman came over on Friday to spiff up the front of the house and in the course of his inspection he found a hole in my soffit that was apparently made by rodents who ATE THEIR WAY INTO MY HOUSE!!! He is going to fix this hole but of course, it costs extra to chase down the little buggers. Dammit.

The exterminator came by this morning to rid me of some pesky wasps that decided to take up residence in the shutters outside my window. More money. Great.

Finally, some bitch at the grocery decided that the "self checkout" lane was going to be a unique and satisfying learning experience for her three-year-old. You know, I wouldn't have minded the wait if it hadn't have occurred at 5pm when all I want to do is go home. Lady - please play with the self-checkout machine sometime during the day and not at rush hour. Kai? Thx.

I was very very tempted to go down the wine aisle and pick up something to self medicate with, however the last time I drank wine I made a damn fool of myself and that particular sensation of remorse will probably last me at least another week or so. Ugh. I hate that feeling.

So, here's hoping that the rest of the week begins to look up. In parting, I will share a youtube video sent by my very good friend to cheer me up. Enjoy.


Samsmama said...

I'm so sorry you're in a funk! I'd love to hear about your incident with too much wine. :)

That video? FUNNY! The transition into "Jungle Love" at the end just pushed me over the edge!

Bev said...

Sorry about the Mondays. I know we've all been there, especially when the universe decides to bombard you with stuff to buy/replace all at once! Ugh! Hang in there.

hokgardner said...

We have dealt with rodent infestations before, and they're terrible. Good luck getting rid of the buggers.

And I hope your Tuesday goes better.

Unknown said...

Been there for that "too much wine and made a fool of myself" thing more than once. It will pass. Eventually. It all depends on just what you did. Obviously.

Unknown said...

*hugs* hope today is a better day!

BTW, I used my kohls card this weekend...and I had the best good, I am even going to blog about it, but I want photo evidence of what I bought first.

seriously, I had so much fun spending that money on ME...(I did get some new bras for buggy, but THAT WAS IT for the kids.)

PorkStar said...

Yeah that's how my Monday got on my ass too and it still is that way today Tuesday. I think this whole week is just going to suck.

Harmony said...

I don't understand why some people cannot get that there is actually a world of other people out here...yes we do exist. And your cute little shinanigins should not interfere with our time. Because honestly, while you think you are having bonding are teaching your kid to be an Asshole just like you. Thanks for that....thanks a lot.

Great clip...I love Jay and Silent Bob.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Jay and Silent Bob - they're great. Have you seen Dogma? A work of genius I think. I hope your Tuesday was better (Is better? Will be better? Never sure about the time difference).

Cary McNeal said...

Fucking rats. I hate them. Had one in our attic, put out a plastic claw trap, and the dumbass got his foot caught in it and squealed like a stuck pig. So I had to go in there with a hoe and finish him off, which, as much as I hated him for being there, really sucked.