Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why I Believe Time Travel Exists or I Love To Clean (Not Really)

Here is why I believe that time travel/alien technology exists - two words: Magic. Eraser.

Tell me that shit didn't come from the future!

Yeah, yeah - lay off the Fringe episodes, I know. But seriously!

I use my magic eraser for all sorts of chores. I hardly even use a sponge anymore (except for cleaning pots/pans/dishes - not sure the magic eraser is safe for consumption). As a matter of fact, I'm pretty much a slave to anything made by Mr. Clean or Scrubbing Bubbles. They are my work-mates, they make my life easier and I am happy to extol their virtues to anyone who is willing to listen. Or read, as the case may be.

Best use of alien technology - evah!! It even removes red wine stains from counter tops!! Miracle!

Love this sucker - you can get ANYWHERE with it, AND it has a detachable head! Pop that sucker off and you are ready to scrub the shower!
However, for my showers and baths I like this little guy. Very efficient and the hand grip allows for major scrubbing action. Take that soap scum!! DIE!!

I also lurv Scotchbrite, Lysol and Clorox but they rarely come out with any new gizmos to revolutionize housecleaning. Still, these guys have saved my bacon on more than one occasion:
Dual. Action. One side has these fibers embedded in the cloth to help scrub off whatever needs scrubbing off and the other side just wipes it away... Plus! It disinfects!! Great for the kitchen and bath. So says I.

No more ooky toilet bowl cleaning brush!! This little fellow has a button that allows you to dispose of the scrubbing sponge without ever touching it. Germ free toilet cleaning - that's for me!

Ok, so now that I've come out of the OCD Cleaning Closet - what's your favorite household cleaning aid? I would love to be introduced to new and fabulous ways to make housework less of a chore!! BTW, can you tell what I've been doing all morning?


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

you have issues. like, serious serious ISS-yooZ.

but i love you anyway. and i especially love how passionate you are about cleaning your home. because i fucking HATE cleaning. i want a housekeeper, damnit! especially for the toilets. I HATE CLEANING TOILETS!


Unknown said...

anything with the name clorox in it...and if it smells like bleach more the better! A bleach smelling bathroom = clean to me.

Elle Charlie said...

I LOVE the idea of the toilet wand. Sadly, we have four bathrooms and purchased four toilet bowl cleaners when we moved into our new house 3 months ago, so I can't just toss 'em. But once they've served their purpose... it's the toilet wand for me.

Unknown said...

My favorite household cleaning aids are the two sons I still have at home.

Madame Queen said...

I have one of those toilet cleaning wands by Clorox too and I love it!! You're right -- your hands never have to touch the bowl! Brilliant.