Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bloggy break and a MEME!!

Well, I've been out of it for a few days. I had some periodontal surgery on Monday and they gave me Vicodin! I've never taken that drug before and I'm not exactly sure that I recommend it. Sure, it's great for the pain - but the mental fuzziness that goes along with it is more than excessive. Thankfully my parents have been here to help me out and, most importantly, cook!

So, I'm surfacing from the fuzz in order to complete a meme that Matter Of Fact Mommy tagged me with a few days ago. Here we go!

The rules are to write five positive things about yourself. I don’t care how goofy or weird those things are; I simply want them to be things you think are rad and that you absolutely believe with your whole heart. Like don’t hand me any “I’m a great mom!!” stuff if you actually think you’re only a pretty good mom. See what I mean? After you write your list, tag five other people to compose a list. Maybe we can fight this blogfluitis, five bloggers at a time.

1. I'm organized and efficient. This is generally a very practical trait to have but I have to say that I own it. I take pride in my efficiency and ability to make the most of what I'm given. I inherited this gift from both of my parents. They are both structured and creative and I believe that both of those qualities lead to great organizers. Snap!

2. I'm a tool-girl. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to let a man put up my drapes, but in the absence of a man (all too frequent in my life) I'm more than comfortable picking up the tools and getting the job done. This trait is not to be confused with my rule that men should kill bugs - bugs still freak me out! However, I'm not intimidated by hanging pictures, fixing a drippy faucet or - most recently - repairing a toilet. Toolbelt diva!

3. I can get the job done. Although I am a self-professed procrastinator and whiner, when push comes to shove I will "git 'er done." I'm a good person to have around in emergencies because I take direction well. In fact, I really really like direction! Tell me what to do and you can be assured that it will be done. Efficiently!

4. I have good taste. I'm not a stylista or a designer, but you can generally expect not to be embarrassed to be seen with me. Except if I'm drinking - but that doesn't count.

5. I throw awesome parties. Yep, if there is one thing that I do pretty well it's hosting a shindig. I like throwing parties, I like seeing other people have fun and I like a good time. I used to throw lots of parties "back in the day" and have fallen out of practice. Yet, if my sister's bachelorette party is any indication - I still have the touch. Whoo Hoo!

So, now I'm going to tag: Stacie, Madame Queen, LouCeel, Laura B., and Kristie. I hope you all have as much fun with it as I have!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled hallucinations... ;)


Madame Queen said...

Ooh, I can't wait! Now I have to start thinking of some awesome things about me. How much time do you have? Kidding.... :)

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

this one was kinda hard for me even though i turned it around real quick... i mean, i'm usually so down on myself, so it was nice to go "out of the norm" and post something positive about myself.

i love that you're efficient and that we could go places together. that is, if you don't mind my jeans, t-shirt and boots. heh. also, i need to come to one of your parties! :D

thanks for obliging! :)

Tootsie Farklepants said...

I have the same opinion about Vicodin as you. I hate the fuzzy.

Unknown said...

This is Friday. I was looking for something to do for tomorrow's post. I'll jump in. Now if I can just think of 5 people that still will do a Meme.

Unknown said...

yeah, I saw that you tagged me for five things about me...that aren't negative...the jury is still out...and well, I will let you know when they come back. ;)