Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Warrior

A funny thing happened Friday night. Not funny "ha, ha" but funny "strange." Actually, it was more like funny "dammit."

I was in my bedroom waiting for Muffin to come and harass me join me when I noticed a strange sound. A dripping sound. Curious, I went to the bathroom to see if I had left the sink dripping and noticed that the bathmat was soaking wet! Frantic, I searched for the source of the water and discovered this:

A gigantic crack in my toilet! WTF? How the hell did that happen?

I turned off the water to the toilet and went to bed wondering what to do about it.

Yesterday, thanks to a quick google search, I determined that silicone sealant would do the trick. After Muffin's nap we went to my favorite $100 store, Target. For some reason I'm never able to leave that damn store without dropping at least $100.

On the way to the home improvement section I discovered several items I couldn't live without - including some cute new curtains! (modeled below with my lovely cat, Zephyr)

As well as some adorable new shoes and jeans for Muffin, Halloween cards and cleaning supplies. However, I was disappointed that Target did not carry this item:

Because I have been absolutely dying to get it ever since I saw the commercial for it this week!!

I haven't tried out the silicone sealant yet, but as soon as I get my courage up I'll give it a whirl.


Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

dude, your feedjit is saying i'm in manassas, va and it's freaking me out. i'm not in manassas!

sorry about the toilet. WTF?! love the curtain, and i want the stovetop thing. i have stainless and gas and it always looks disgusting. i only clean it on a weekend where i don't have laundry to do. and those don't exist!

Unknown said...

omg, I have never seen a toliet crack like that...YIKES.

lol on the stove top cleaner...and WALMART is my $100 store. Hellmart, gets me everytime!

Anonymous said...


Followed the link from your comment on fourfour. Quick tip on the toilet. Do not just patch that with silicone. Replace your toilet. I have seen toilets crack like that and you are lucky as hell that you were home when it happened. If you had not been home & able to turn off the water as quickly as you did, your toilet would've continued to try & fill it's tank, all the while leaking water out of the crack and all over your home. The water would never had stopped flowing until you stopped it. I am a housesitter for a living, and had one home suffer over $100,000 in water damage as a result of an unattended cracked toilet (they had us checking the house twice/week). Toilets get old , they get stress fractures & they crack. It is time to replace yours before it develops another crack and ruins all your stuff. You may not be so lucky as to be there next time.


Hey, at least you got some great shopping in. Screw the toilet, that can wait.

Well, maybe not, but I give you credit for even trying.