Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hanna's Visit And Some People Watching

Hanna's visit was a little windy and pretty rainy - but nothing like the media hoped for I'm sure. Yes, I have quite a bit of debris in my yard, but nothing major. Merely the leavings of the pine tree in my yard and the damned blasted gum ball trees in everyone else's yard. Is it cool to ask those people to pick up their own tree's trash? I hate those stupid trees. At any rate, all the blowing and raining was finished by late afternoon leaving the sky full of fast moving, beautiful clouds.

Due to the wind and rain we spent most of the day indoors. I did four loads of laundry, reorganized my linen closet, reorganized three utility drawers, downloaded and organized pictures from Labor Day, cleaned the kitchen and swapped out the summer seasonal decor for the fall seasonal decor. By the end of the day I was going stir crazy. Thankfully I had something to look forward to! My friend Erin's birthday is September 11 (poor thing) so she wanted to celebrate her birthday at a nice restaurant this weekend.

Having secured the OK to bring Muffin, we met Erin and a few other ladies at the Baker's Crust in Chesapeake. If you get the opportunity to visit any of the Baker's Crust locations in Hampton Roads - do it! Such wonderful food!!! I brought a bag of coloring books and preschool workbooks to keep Muffin busy and it was a very pleasant evening.

On the way to the restaurant I followed a gentleman on a motorcycle, fascinated by his behavior. He raised his hand in salute to anyone else on the highway riding a motorcycle - and they waved back! It was as if the motorcycle crowd was an exclusive club where all members know and recognize each other. Something like the Masons with their secret handshakes and rings. Maybe it was just that I'd been cooped up too long, but I enjoyed watching him wave to others and seeing them wave back.

When Muffin and I sat down at the restaurant I happened to notice a nicely dressed couple sitting on the other side of the fire pit. They were seated together on one side of the booth enjoying a bottle of wine. Later, I glanced over as they were making their way through huge salads. Since this establishment serves some salads as entrees I fully expected to see another party at that table shortly. However, upon my next glance I observed that they were sharing another entree and another bottle of wine! Then, on the way to the ladies room, I watched the waiter bring out their dessert - a huge strawberry and whipped cream crepe. While we were paying our bills the couple across the room sipped brandy and feasted on strawberries.

Watching this couple enjoy a lingering luxurious meal for over two hours gave me a twinge. My family has always been of the "eat and run" variety. I love food, but I rarely take time to savor the flavors and relish the experience. When Muffin and I sit down to dinner I mow through my plate and chastise her for dawdling. It occurs to me that I should take a lesson from my daughter and learn to linger, savor and appreciate my meals. I'm not sure if this old dawg can learn a new trick, but I will try.

On a final note, here's a picture of Muffin in the pool at Grandmama's house last weekend - the sky was darkening in anticipation of a late afternoon thunderstorm so the incredible light seemed to make her glow. Or maybe it's just the proud Mama talking. :)


Unknown said...

Naw, you're right. There is some definite glow goin' on there. She' adorable. Just like her Mommy.

Unknown said...

she is too cute and I love the new fall header.

Eating too fast...I do the same. I would like to slow down, but it's a hard habit to break. We are always in a hurry...even if we don't need to be. *shrugs*


SHe always glows in your pics.

It is a shame that we just don't slow down. I keep telling myself that it isn't a flaw in my character, that it is being a mom. That excuse is starting to wear thin.

Madame Queen said...

I've noticed that motorcylist wave, too! Down here they wave kind of down low. Is that how they do it up there?

I'm a slow eater and hubs is a fast eater. I think there's such a thing as a happy medium, but I also think it depends on the meal. Some meals need to be savored!

Kristi said...

Everybody waves to each other in the country. Makes me want to move to the country!

I know, why is "dining" such a rushed affair? Good reminder!

1blueshi1 said...

She is gorgeous and looks so happy! Also, can you come reorganize my entire house? hehehe!

Wineplz said...

yeah, there's a motorcycle wave. and a corvette wave. and a jeep wrangler wave. weird, huh?

and how did I NOT know you lived so (relatively) close? For some reason I was thinking you were in GA or something. :)