Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Physically Tough

Today we went to see the pediatrician for Muffin's physical. Everything looks good except perhaps her hearing. The doc said that she was a little concerned about Muffin not being able to hear well in the lower range - but she said that it could be because the doctor's office isn't a sound proof environment and not a great place to conduct hearing tests. She wants us to take another look next year before Muffin starts school. After the tests came the shots and, long ear-piercing story short, Muffin survived. Barely. According to Muffin, that is.

The doc also prescribed an antibiotic for the tick and bug bites because they weren't healing well or fast enough. Wait - what? The TICK BITE you ask?

Remember when I mentioned the horrific visit to her dad's house? She came home with, in addition to a plethora of other bug bites, a tick embedded in her skin and her hair crudely chopped off. Her dad claims that the tick couldn't have been on there more than a few hours but the doc said it was more like 72 hours (I suppose that could be his definition of a few...) because the damn thing was so deep all of it's legs were INSIDE HER BODY! Oh yeah, and apparently her hair had some tangles that he couldn't be bothered to comb out SO HE CUT HUGE HUNKS OF HAIR OFF OF HER HEAD!!!

(deep, calming breaths) Serenity Now!

But I digress...

Before the tick/haircut fiasco I had asked Muffin's dad if he would be able to get her this weekend so that I could go to a career fair in DC next week. However, during the long wait in the pharmacy, I decided to keep her with me in order to ensure that the full course of antibiotics are taken and to stay near the doctor just in case.

After I got the antibiotics I called her dad's cell and left a message saying that I didn't need to meet this weekend after all and that we would meet on the 20th instead. Almost immediately he called back but I was already red in the face and shaking so I knew better than to try and talk to him.

He left a long message saying that he had tried to call a couple of days after our last conversation. The conversation that ended with me screaming at him and accusing him of neglect. He wanted to try and explain that the tick couldn't have been on her more than a day because they always check the kids out during bath time. He also wanted to explain that he had meant to get Muffin a haircut but just didn't have the time. He said that he understood why I was upset but basically wanted to explain himself. He also agreed on the 20th.

Boy am I glad I didn't pick up the phone. I really and truly wish that I could manage my emotions better. I feel like I'm giving him the upper hand by getting so worked up. I wish I could be an ice princess. boo.

If it weren't for the court order, I would not let her go back. My lawyer says that this type of thing does not constitute neglect, merely "bad parenting." He has rights, and he loves her - I know this. But he doesn't care for her and it breaks my heart. However, I am assured by the experts (other mothers, that is) that raising children is full of heartbreak. We'll shoulder on and we'll survive. We have each other, after all! Gnarly bug bites included!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about the tick embedded..

Hope she is better soon!

Scribbit said...

Serenity now is right--wow. I do not envy you in this, what a thing to have to worry about. At least she's home and the tick was discovered. So sorry!

Madame Queen said...

He hacked her hair because he couldn't get the tangles out??!!?? Wow. Just, wow. I'm sending you some extra serenity, girl!

Hope Muffin's all better soon!

1blueshi1 said...

heh, how I wish I couldn't identify with your post. last night the kids did not walk in the door until 7:41PM--had not had dinner, no homework done, of course not bathed--and I have to have them IN BED at nine at the VERY latest in order to have even the smallest snowball's chance of getting them up for school in the AM.
Deep breaths. That's the ticket. Or possibly heroin. I hear that is VERY calming.

Unknown said...

I scream SERENITY NOW all the time too, I wish there was something more I could say.

Wineplz said...

ugh...well, as a child of divorced parents who did the whole shuffling back and forth every weekend, I can say that while Muffin's dad is probably more annoying than nails on a chalkboard, and maybe not terribly bright (cutting out tangles?...she's not a dog), but I'm sure he loves and misses her. Plus, not to defend him at all, but men don't think about some of those things. They really don't think about buying hair detangler (partly because they don't know it exists), they don't think about ensuring kids are eating at their normal times. Men are just dumb. If I want to leave my kids with my hubby, I have to leave instructions nearly as explicit as I leave for the babysitter. And he lives with us. I hope it gets better, though.

And dude...I am totally getting on your serenity now bandwagon...seems like a plea like that is more appealing that pulling my hair from my skull.