Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Have I mentioned that I like to read? Alot? Because its true. I love books and I love love love to suspend my disbelief and traipse off to unknown parts for a lovely adventure involving manly men and ponies. Ok, maybe the pony part is a little over the top, but the rest is pretty accurate.

I resisted the Harry Potter phenomenon, initially. I was all "I'm not jumping on THAT bandwagon, thank-you-very-much" and lo, I eventually succumbed and devoured the first four books in one weekend.

Since that time, the "enlightened by Harry" time, I have tried very hard not to poo-poo any popular literature. Sometimes I like it (Secret Life Of Bees) and sometimes I just can't get into it (anything by Nicholas Sparks - SORRY!!!)

**side note: I don't know how or why I can suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy Harry Potter and yet not enough to enjoy Mr. Sparks. Maybe I find the idea of wizards roaming the planet more plausible than finding true love. Or maybe I'm just weird. Could go either way.**

Fast forward to summer 2008. I happened to read about the hullabaloo caused by the trailer for the movie "Twilight." I was curious about a movie that had the potential to break the hearts of millions of teen girls so, I looked it up. Turns out the movie is based on a book! Oh joy! I went to my library's website to see if any copies were available. None. So, I put my name on the waiting list. Guess which number I was, guess!


HOLY CRAP what kind of book is this that has 189 people on it's waiting list? Wah! I had resigned myself to a very long wait when my younger sister happened to mention that she had the book! She was reading it, but when she was finished she would give it to me. Joy, joy, joy, happy dance of joy!

Fast forward to Labor Day weekend. Little Sis presented me with not only the first book, Twilight, but the second book, New Moon, as well! Isn't she great? (Will she comment on my posts? No. Still great though)

I read Twilight in two days - and the only reason it took two days is because I had to take care of my child and drive several hours. I was all for allowing Muffin wallow in her own filth and forage for her own food but I was at my parents house and we all know how Grandmamas like to see the babies happy! whatever.

I'm not saying that it was the best book ever written because that is certainly not the case. I didn't relate to the characters at all. The subject matter was unbelievable to say the least. The author somehow perfectly encapsulated the agony of teen love - which is not something I ever care to repeat. And yet... And yet, I couldn't put it down to save my life! It's like watching a horribly fascinating train wreck of human emotion.

After reading Twilight, I took a break. I eyeballed the second book, New Moon, suspiciously. Unwilling to give up my free will for the duration of that novel, I caught up on other books. But New Moon waited. It lurked. It whispered sweet nothings from my bookshelf, eventually seducing me with it's promise of teen angst. Monday evening I submitted to it's will.

I only have a few chapters left. I saved myself from finishing the book last night. I want to linger over the cheese-tastic finale and savor a (mostly) happy ending. Right now, I'm number 3 on the waiting list for Eclipse and number 102 on the waiting list for Breaking Dawn.

I hope to finish the Twilight Saga before Thanksgiving so that I can get on with my life. Is this a review or a recommendation? No, it's a warning. Stay far far away or you may fall under the spell too!


Unknown said...


I love reading too, though not quite the enthusiast you appear to be.

I love to escape. I can read Mr. Sparks ;) but love stories like Danielle Steele, make me want to barf (is barf still a cool word?).

I have a friend that is going to loan this Twilight business to me, and I have Harry Potter, but still haven't read it.

Some of my favorite authors (as if you asked...I am going to pretend you did) Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. They have a great mix of love story (still unbelieveable, but not mushy...well, ok mushy, but the whole damn book isn't about their fairytale romance.) and drama/crime, etc.

Once I get the Twilight books, I will let you know how I like them (again, pretending you asked for my opinion)!

Unknown said...

It seems I no longer have time for reading. I am too busy, among othjer things, writing. I'd be a stay at home Mom, if I could, but, alas, I lack certain biological necessities to fulfill THAT criteria (no BEWBS and no VeeJayJay). But I evny those of you who can, and do, take time to read.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

i think you know that i don't read. mainly because i'm so tired and usually have had a glass of wine or so each night. i puts me immediately to sleep. one of these years, i will start reading again... but not as much as you do. that's just not possible.

Madame Queen said...

I've read them all. I read the last one (all 700+ pages of it!) in a couple of days. Once you're done I can't wait to "discuss" it with you. Twilight is still by far my fave.

Have you read the His Dark Materials Trilogy -- The Golden Compass, etc? They are FANTASTIC!!!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I try to read, I fall asleep, I need to do better :)