Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oh wow, first post. It's January and while other people are making, keeping and forgetting resolutions, I'm creating a blog.

This month is almost half-way over and my goals of getting organized and losing weight are already starting to fade in fervency. The weight-loss thing is probably something I'll always live with. I'm a girl - it's what we think about. And the organized life thing is also something I'll always think about - like:
Wow, that stack of magazines is almost ready to topple. Perhaps I should do something about that. But, not right now...
Where is that Parmesan cheese shredder I saw two years ago? Maybe it's in that black hole of a utility drawer in the kitchen. I should really think about cleaning that out. Hmm, maybe next weekend...
It's not like I don't have the desire to live in nice tidy house but apparently the desire isn't strong enough to overwhelm my inherent laziness. So, that's my little project. Overcome laziness. Except, it's actually a big project. Kind of a lifelong struggle really. And that thought alone makes me feel quite lazy. Maybe I should wrap up this first post and get some more coffee. No! Must persevere!

My weight-loss struggle can also be attributed to laziness. I'll have fits and spurts of disciplined behavior - in both diet and exercise. Then, I'll rest on my (plus-sized) laurels for... oh about six months before I realize that I'm right back where I started! Plus five pounds. And during that six months - when I'm slowing gaining back all that I've lost - here's what goes through my head:
Damn, I look great! I'm never going to let myself get that heavy again. Whoo Hoo! Size 10!
Hmm, those (several weekends of) margaritas seem to have made me bloated. Well, I'll just wear my "fat" pants. Only for this weekend. It's right before my period anyway. I'll get back on the program on Monday.
And finally...
Why don't the fat pants fit? Screw it, I'll just wear sweats. So what if Stacey and Clinton would hang me by my toenails. It's not like they're around to see me anyway. I think I'll comfort myself with a large cocktail and some chips.
So here it is 2008 and evidently whatever "plan" I've had in the past hasn't worked because I'm completely disorganized and overweight. I'm not making any promises, but my goal is to make some permanent headway. It's only two aspects of my life. It's not like I'm trying to become a whole different person - right? Then why does it seem like climbing Mt. Everest? I guess this is why everyone suggests "baby steps" and "mini-goals." God save me, I'm quoting self-help books. Well, whatever works! Next post will document some sort of progress. Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

really you were up at 741 in the morning and these thoughts were going through your head?! I can't think of anything except that I have to pee, that early in the morning... alright love your post! much love! Farrah