Saturday, January 26, 2008

Colds and Chemo

Well, it's Saturday morning again... Not much to write about this week. I'm still rocking the braces and suffering beautifully. :) We're going to head out for Taekwondo shortly and afterwards I think we'll just come straight home. It's absolutely freezing outside and frankly I think I'm getting another cold. Yes, one of the joys of having a preschool aged child is the plethora of germs they bring home. Lovely.

Three weeks ago I mentioned something about organizing something or other and guess what - I haven't done it yet. I am a victim of procrastination. Well, that and perpetual laziness, but I already used that excuse. I'd just rather read a book than put some effort into bettering my living space.

So, moving on, my brother had chemo yesterday. He's lucky that he only had to get one dose of the stuff. Hopefully the cancer has all been removed and this chemo treatment will just ensure that there is no residual stuff left behind. He was feeling alright when I spoke to him yesterday but he said that they had dosed him pretty heavily with anti-nausea medication so I hope he continues to feel alright today. Luckily he has his cat Sweetie to keep him company way down there in San Antonio, TX. My parents have offered to drive down and stay with him for a while, but so far he hasn't taken them up on that. I wish I lived closer to him. It's been such a tough year for him.

Well, I'd better wrap it up so I can get my little muffin in her Taekwondo uniform. It's time to go watch the little fleas bounce around! Maybe I'll pick up some theraflu while we're out...

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