Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A little explaination and a confession

So, the picture in my header is from one of my favorite movies of all time - Princess Mononoke. Just in case anyone was curious. Probably not, because as far as I can tell no one has even looked at this page. But, no matter! The blog will go on.

I love anime. I have loved it since I first watched Robotech back in the day. (By "back in the day" I mean middle school. And I'm not going to dwell on how long ago that was...) So anyway, I watched whatever anime I could get my hands on until I got to college and was able to stay up WAY past my bed time and see oldies like Project A-ko and Akira on the Sci-Fi channel. (Another aside - this was back when the Sci-Fi channel was good. Again, many moons ago.)

Then, Cartoon Network started to air Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z in the afternoons and I was so stoked! I would rush home from class and get my anime fix before heading out to one of three different jobs I was trying to hold down. Now, I'm not claiming that Sailor Moon or DBZ represent the best of the crop, I'm just saying I was glad to finally be able to watch some anime when the sun was up. The Cartoon Network program was named Toonami and it went on to showcase many other different "kid friendly" anime shows but I'll always remember it for magical girls and a bunch of aliens that would rather talk shit than actually fight. Ahh, memories.

As if all of these goodies weren't enough - Adult Swim came along around midnight on the Cartoon Network to showcase the "not so kid friendly" anime shows. And that, folks, is where I first saw Cowboy Bebop which is, as you may or may not know, the best anime EVER! (little known fact: my blog is a small reference to this ground breaking show.)

Meet Spike Spiegel. He's my anime boyfriend

After Cowboy Bebop I started to actively research anime and develop my own tastes and preferences. Additionally, I discovered that it's possible to develop a crush on an animated character. And by now, I have a harem of them. You may think this is a little sad and/or creepy - but as my friend Debbie points out "You're chances of meeting Brad Pitt are equally impossible." So, I don't feel too bad anymore.

So, all gushing aside, I'm a huge fan. I'll probably post a few reviews here and there that will reflect my opinion of various anime shows I've had the pleasure (or revulsion) to watch. I may even post reviews of other things I like such as sci-fi/fantasy books, mysteries, reality tv and pretty much anything BBC.

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