Saturday, January 19, 2008

Best Diet Aide Ever

Ok, I have made progress in the diet department - I've lost 4 pounds this week!! But, I can't really say it was because of any additional willpower or special diet food. It's because I had braces put on Monday afternoon. Yes, braces - the best diet aide ever.

Now, I'm not claiming that sore teeth (well, a sore mouth in general) and a diet of yogurt, refried beans and mashed potatoes is necessarily the best way to lose weight - I'm just saying it worked for me. Any time I would be tempted to say "screw it! I'm going through the drive-through!" I was reminded that it was impossible to eat anything at a fast food restaurant. (Well, except pintos and cheese at Taco Bell - I love those things!)

And, let me add that a diet with refried beans as a staple may also assist in ridding you of any unnecessary friends. Lucky for me, my friends are all on the internet and can't smell me from across the etherspace. I think? I hope!

So, other than moping about and feeling sorry for myself I haven't made too much progress. I did sign my daughter up for Taekwondo and Ballet this week. This is part of my ongoing efforts to make her into a healthy, well adjusted person. Sometimes I think I'm making progress - other times I just shake my head.

Only last night I heard her coughing and crying upstairs and when I went to investigate she said had swallowed a Christmas Tree sticker. WTF? "Why?" I asked! And she responded "because I want attention." And what do you say to that? These are the times when I sincerely wish that Super Nanny would appear in a little bubble above my head and whisper parenting advice in my ear. Because, frankly I was stunned into silence. After making her drink an entire bottle of water to wash the thing down, I just hugged her and asked that she try and get attention by being a nice girl and minding her manners. To which she gave a lukewarm "ok" answer.

Should I include Better Parenting in my list of things I want to include in 2008? I have a feeling that it is something that will always need tweaking. Well, I'm off to shower and take my little darling to Taekwondo. It's so adorable to watch a bunch of four year olds bounce around like fleas.

On another note, we're supposed to get snow this evening. If you live in the south and snow is predicted - you can guess there will be a mad rush to the grocery for milk and bread. Maybe I'll go and observe. I could use some more mashed potatoes! :)

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