Monday, March 22, 2010

Random Snippets

I know I’ve been a ghost around these parts – I have a new addiction. No, not a video game (*cough*) but something else. I started writing, not here obviously, but yeah. I’m absolutely consumed with it. Takes up most evenings and lunch breaks these days. Times that were formerly devoted to snarky blog posts and other amusing antics. Hence, the ghostliness.

Snippet #2: Muffin’s Dad has called her a grand total of TWO times since Christmas. The first, around president’s day, was to request a visit – which I agreed to. But, he never called back to set up a date or time so… No visit. The second was to leave a long, cryptically melodramatic message about needing to see Muffin and “things going on” and “must talk to you about” vagaries. Seriously? Fine, so we called back. I actually let Muffin call him back (three days later) and when he answered I could tell something was wrong. She was trying to tell him how much she missed him and stuff and he sounded loud and strange. Finally, she handed the phone over to me and I could tell that he was crying. Turns out, there was some serious shit going down at that exact moment concerning his estranged wife and children. He said he’d call back.

Right, remember that whole incident with Mr. X? Guess what I did? I GOOGLED! And found nothing. I searched local newspapers, facebook, every avenue I could think of and found nothing. Which is frustrating when you’re dying for gossip information. He did call back and explain slightly. Nothing that I couldn’t have predicted, but still sad and upsetting – for him. And… since this blog is about me, not him I won’t go into it. (That noise? That was me taking the high road! It is a steep slope, lemme tell ya) He wanted to set up a time to see Muffin that just so happens to coincide with my long anticipated trip home. He understood and is going to come to my hometown and take her out to dinner. Compromise? What next – time running backwards? Color my world rocked.

Which brings me to snippet number three – I’m going home this coming weekend. I’m taking half a day off of work to spend two nights with the parents. One night is going to be dedicated to my sister and local buddy – a fact that my parents aren’t aware of. Also, Mom and Dad don’t know about the arrangement with Muffin’s Dad. Actually, I haven’t been communicating with them much at all since their last visit. So, I guess I’d better get on the horn and let mom them know what’s going on so that mom they can alter their plans accordingly. Plans that will undoubtedly include Mexican food, a trip to Grandpa’s and a “long walk” which is a euphemism for “let’s go for a walk and gossip about the family!”

Good times, good times. I’m going to keep my hand in here at chez bebop, but I’m SO lacking blog fodder these days! Having an uncomplicated life leads to a dull blog, I guess. In other news, the great winter of 2010 has finally given way to a lovely spring. The flowers in these parts could not contain themselves. They are blooming all over! I can’t help but feel that Mother Nature has a final “F U” snow up her sleeve and that all the lovely blooms will be killed off – but you know me, always looking for the downside. See you around the interwebs!


Babe in Babeland said...

Great to hear your updates! That's kickass that you're writing. AWESOME. Hope you have a wonderful trip home and catch up on all the gossip!

Mala said...

Good for you on the writing! Send some of that mojo this way!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn Calico, we really were separated at birth. I'm running short on blog topics and busy with another "project" too. However, I cannot for the life of me envision a scenario where I wouldn't see, much less talk, to my little girl every freakin' chance I could if God help me she lived somewhere else.

Desai said...

I like ur blog what u written. . . All that i want some help.
I just want to ask you do you use adsence?

Mary said...

ahhhhh- calico- I miss you!
I barely find time for posting...but I seem to find time for the devil that is facebook (i got sucked in, I admit it)...
friend me on Fb and we'll keep each other entertained :)