Monday, November 16, 2009

Oh, Grit!

So, I've been buying salad-in-a-bag at the grocery and am frankly appalled at the price. I know that I'm currently going through the "used to buy at the Commissary but must now shop commercially" phase - but it's ugly! Seriously - I'm spending at least a third more on groceries and, I'm sure it's no surprise to everyone else, shopping healthy is freaking expensive!

That being said, I decided to take matters into my own two (non-cooking) hands and buy actual greens, chop them up and put them in little containers for lunch. Sounds pretty easy, but in fact, today - when I took a big bite of my own handiwork - I was supremely disappointed.

I received a mouthful of grit. And this is AFTER I had washed the damn bunch of greens the night before! I mean, I washed, I spun, I wrung, I chopped, I carefully packaged an entire bunch of greens into five individual containers and went to bed feeling quite self-satisfied. ONLY to be disappointed the next day with a nice big bite of grit. And lest you think me faint-hearted, I took several bites. Grit-filled, every one.

It was nearly enough to send me speeding to the nearest fast-food place but thankfully I work in an area of town that precludes those type of establishments. Instead, I sucked it up and ate my tuna salad on crackers. Crackers that probably won't do my waist-line any good but at least aren't equal in calories to the burger and fries I immediately craved in a moment of frustration.

So, what can I do? How do I guarantee "grit-free" greens?!? All suggestions are welcome! Kai Thks!


Mary said...

my big bitch is that the bags of salad are now smaller- and more expensive.
And my kids eat salads at almost every meal. That's a lot of lettuce (in more than one way).

Unknown said...

I try to be as helpful and supportive as I can - but I have to say, you've got me there.

Maybe you should just look on the grit as 'fiber'.

Anonymous said...

[sigh] I buy the dang salad in a bag too. What's worse, I get the pre-sliced apples in a bag a lot too. They don't taste as good and they cost more, but hey, it saves me 15 seconds of work.

Harmony said...

I too am a buyer of the bagged salads and apparently I have no idea how to get grit of off greens. Grit? Really? *shudder*

Elliott said...

I've purchased real greens before and never had this problem, maybe just a bad batch? And was the grit on the leaves or in the leaves? Spinach always leaves me feeling gritty, even the pre-bagged stuff.