Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(Not-So-Wordless) Wednesday - Muffin and Web Cam

The Muffinator loves her computer games. Oh yes, she adores not only the Webkinz site but various "edu-ma-cational" sites that encourage development in reading and mathematics (which may explain the "exceeds expectations" results on her report card. insert smirk).

Turns out, she also loves the computer itself! I came across these images which could only have been taken by Herself while supposedly playing an educational game while I was doing something along the lines of watching TV cooking and cleaning. Let us observe the progression...

First, it's a new button to push! What does that do?

Then, realization dawns - that thing just took a picture of me!

So, if we're gonna take a picture - we need to be properly dressed (which, by the way, coincides with the fact that she inexplicably jumped up, asked to put on her princess dress and crown)

But, every expert has a learning curve - and thus, the final picture is perfection:

Say CHEEZE! My pretty, pretty princess Muffin. What manner of sneaky subterfuge will I discover next. God willing, I'll keep ahead... Yikes!


Elliott said...

Love it, the whole thought process makes me smile.

My daughters were the queens of 'not very subtle', red lights would have gone off as soon as she asked about the princess dress since unlike adults, children ALWAYS have an agenda.

My favorite examples of unprovoked thoughts:

DDD - "I don't think I'd want a snowmobile, since you can't use it year-round. A four-wheeler is FAR more practical. Yep, a four-wheeler can be used in the snow, too, but you can use it all the time."

S - "I really like Krispy Kreme donuts. Don't you like Krispy Kremes?"

hokgardner said...

THose are awesome pictures.I love that she had to get dressed up.

Anonymous said...

She is so precious! I love that she pulled out the princess garb. So great!

Babe in Babeland said...

OHMYGOODNESS. She is ADORABLE!! And hilarious. Love it!!!!

Unknown said...

Well ... after all ... she IS a princess, right?

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

I've been away for a week so I've been catching up on everybody today. I love this post! Sweet, mischievous, sensible, bold, and smart. What a great kid!