Friday, November 13, 2009

Let the mocking begin...

Wait, wait - before the mocking can I just say BEST EPISODE OF SURVIVOR EVAH!! Alright, the episode where uber-confident Ozzy got blind-sided was freaking awesome, but did Ozzy find TWO hidden immunity idols without a single clue? No. I mean, damn - Russell is a snake but I love him. Unconditionally. I'm sure that a kitten just died because I said that - but I can live with it.

Ok, on to the mocking... I’m putting myself out there for public humiliation but I simply must share this.

Tuesday evening I was flipping channels and came across a video countdown show on the Fuse channel. Since I am a sucker for any sort of countdown show and since I’d never visited Fuse before and since they were about to show the #1 video – I stuck around. The #1 video is below.

I was riveted. Let me just say that I have never heard of this group before – mostly because I live under a rock. A very un-informed, non-hip kind of rock.

So yeah, at first I was struck by the lead singer – he looks like an anime character come to life! There was a moment of androgynous ambiguity, but I quickly determined that he was a dude. Granted, a heavily made-up dude with super tight pants and outrageous hair who happened to resemble a young Janice Dickinson - but a dude none-the-less. Oh who am I kidding, I love The Cure and Depeche Mode so that kind of get-up is probably what fascinated me in the first place.

I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the rest of the band because they got zero face time. Zero! Recent wikipedia investigations (shut. up.) have uncovered the fact that one of the faceless band members is the front guy's TWIN FREAKING BROTHER! Imagine the bitterness... Ah, fame.

Then I was struck by the fact that they made an entire song around one word and maybe three chord changes. Just repeating the same word got them to #1! I need to get in on this racket.

Also, the video was clearly designed to showcase things that guys like – fast cars and transformer type robots. Ok, maybe they were trying to make up for the lead singer's appearance, but still - it was a guy video. It had nothing to do with the song itself – nothing! Not that song made much sense... (perhaps because the band is actually from Germany) But all together it is possibly the most contrived thing I’ve ever come across in my life.

And I like it. Yes, that damn song has been stuck in my head for days. I woke up this morning with words like “automatic,” “systematic,” “diplomatic,” "emblematic," "problematic," and every other word that ends in “matic” running through my head!

So go ahead, mock away. I deserve it. But all the torture in the world will not get me to confess the number of times I listened to that song via youtube. I'm taking that to the grave.


Unknown said...

shit shit shit, i haven't watched survivor yet...

can't comment cause I can't read...grrr.

have a great weekend!

Elliott said...

Is it also hydromatic? In fact, is it greased lightning? Sadly, can't watch the video here at the office, but that's what weekends are for.

At first I was thinking someone remade the Pointer Sisters song. Which will now be playing in my brain until I can go to lunch.

Anonymous said...

Survivor was fucking AWESOME!!!!

Samsmama said...

And here I accused you of listening to "Wheels on the Bus." My apologies to you, dear friend.

I won't mock your musical taste, but Survivor? Really? Oh, Calico, what to do with you...

Anonymous said...

I'm not gonna mock, but I'm also not clicking that link. A song like that will get stuck in the quicksand of my feeble noggin and I'll get no sleep all week.