Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Kreativ!

Amber over at Everybody’s Working For The Weekend tagged me with this bit of bloggy bling a couple of weeks ago and because I’m a lazy good-for-nothing busy single mom I’m just now getting around to posting it!

Anyway, the rules are to write 7-10 facts about myself and then pass on the award to other bloggers. Fair enough, let’s go!

1. I am the world’s laziest cook. Have you ever watched that show “Semi Home Made?” Even that shit is too involved for me. I like “one pot wonders” and things like that. I think part of my laziness stems from the fact that I can never get all the dishes completed at the same time. This means that something is always either too cold or too hot at dinner and it frustrates the hell out of me.

2. I have a TV addiction. There is literally something on every night that I want to watch. Since the loss of my beloved DVR this addiction has morphed into anxiety. Anxiety that I’ll miss something important on one of my shows. Typing this has made me realize that I am pathetic so I will go straight home to throw the damn TV out the window. Just as soon as I watch “America’s Next Top Model.”

3. Living in a more urban area has made me realize that I need to update my style. Time to spiff up the old wardrobe and maybe do something about my hair. I don’t know – I’m on the fence about the hair. None-the-less, I live close to some awesome shopping and there is no excuse for what passes as Calico’s Weekend Wardrobe. It’s just plain awful. My wallet is trembling because it knows what is coming. Oh yes, it knows…

4. Another side effect of moving to the DC area is an unexplained desire to own better electronics. WTF? All that time in Hampton Roads I survived just fine with my little Razr and 16GB ipod, but all of a sudden it’s not good enough. A craving for an iphone and maybe even a 32BG ipod touch has been flung upon me! The PS3 is calling me and so is the little DSi for Muffin. What is wrong with me! (must go knit something and get back to reality)

5. I’m a lefty. Did ya’ll know that? Some of you did – I’m sure. Still, you’d be surprised how many of us there are in the world. I remember taking a class where nearly 50% of the students were lefties! Why are we considered to be so rare? Who knows… Funny thing is that I shoot pool, bowl and throw a ball with my right hand. No explanation for that – but if you guys have one I’d be happy to hear it.

6. I am guilty of leaving clothes in the dryer and then “fluffing” them up when I want to wear something. A throwback from my college days. Sadly, I give myself a big pat on the back whenever I actually fold the laundry and put it where it belongs. Which is usually once a week. *sigh*

7. Let’s see, I’ve talked about my lack of mad cooking, and laundry skillz – perhaps I should stop while I’m ahead? Nah! I’m actually a great cleaner. Seriously, I have been known to comb the carpet. Granted, it was under “altered” circumstances but that carpet had never been cleaner. I dislike schmutz in any shape/form/smell/what-have-you. I like beds made and pillows fluffed. I like dishes put away and floors shiny. I suck at cooking and laundry but you will always find my home clean.

So that’s all I can come up with for now… Again, I’m going to be a loser and ask those of you who were not tagged already to please pick this award up for your own blog. I feel very fortunate to be able to get a peek into all of your Kreativ lives.


Harmony said...

"Even that shit is too involved for me." ~ Made me snort so hard that I choked on my coffee. OUCH!

I would literally drop dead and die if I couldn't have my DVR. Okay maybe not literally, but my soul would definitely rot out and seep into tv hell. I don't even want to discuss the anxiety that would be involved. I feel for ya..I really do.

The image of your wallet trembling had made my day. I don't know why, but I REALLY liked that.

My oldest son is a lefty AND he tends to use his right when throwing. I remember when he was a baby he would tend to grab with his left. When I told my husband he that Austin was going to be left handed he said "No he isn't, you don't know that" if I offended him or something. Well I was right and Ant could care I don't know what all the anxiety was about.

hokgardner said...

I'm not a lazy cook, I just flat out hate cooking. Probably because every time I cook one or more of the kids starts to cry or fight.

I'm a left, too. But I use scissors with my right hand. And I can write legibly with my right hand when I'm writing on a chalkboard, but not on paper. Go figure.

Elliott said...

Love cooking and do so with a passion, and while I'm not vigilant with laundry I do a bang-up job.

Housecleaning, not so much.

Anonymous said...

We all want an I-phone! However, Losey and Ellen said they do not get good reception in the DC area on theirs and wish they had the Blackberry back. so, just check it out before buying so you don't get disappointed.

I am with you on the TV thing. Last night I was upset because my DVR did not record one of last week's episode of my current fav, which I was saving for a free night. I was PISSED! So, thankfully I have two shows that I record on Wed. I just watched one in real time which sucks because I hate commercials. My whole life revolves around what I watch on TV. That might explain why I am still 80 pounds over weight! Anyway, I love you for all of your funny tidbits. You rock even if you say you can't cook or do laundry. My house is a nasty mess and I should clean it but it's comedy Thursday and there is just too much TV to watch!

Unknown said...

i'd like to marry my dvr. just sayin.

Krimmyk said...

I would trade husband for my DVR.

Samsmama said...

I don't mind cooking, but the pressure to have everything ready at the same time brings on unnecessary anxiety.

I LOVE my DVR! We had to go get a second one because there are too many things we record at the same time. Sad, but true.

I hate cleaning, and I do the "fluff the laundry" thing, too.

To sum it up, not into cooking, suck at cleaning, addicted to television. Man, my husband is one lucky dude.

Anonymous said...

Iphone rocks, but freakin Apple is always coming out with something new and making my hotshot gadgets obsolete. Tech crap has made me realize how completely susceptible I am to the marketing world and how completely I have succumbed to avarice.

More importantly, the image of your socks and shoes (since we've seen those only that's the mental image I have) sticking out around the furniture while in an altered state and furiously cleaning the carpet one fiber at a time for some reason struck me as mighty funny.

Amber D. said...

We could be the perfect couple... I can cook but hate to clean so we can trade off there. I also have an unhealthy TV addiction as well but have a DVR, and do the "fluffing" dryer thing every morning. My mom says my electric bill would go way down if I didn't use the dryer every day to un-wrinkle clothes.

Oh, and I'm a righty but can only do a left handed cartwheel, which I've always thought was weird...until now.

Thanks for your list, it was interesting!!