Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Funnies - Twilight at ComicCon

As you may know, I am a fan of the Twilight Saga. I love the adolescent angst. I love the beautiful ridiculousness of it all. It reminds me of my own all consuming teen love and it also entertains me. I swear to God that one of the most amusing parts of seeing the movie in the theater was the fan girls. Oh, to be that absorbed in the unrealistic. Ahh, youth...

Now, as I was searching for my next Sunday Classic I discovered this video. It was posted by someone who had attended ComicCon and was privileged to view an extended scene from the upcoming Twilight movie New Moon.

Though the footage is obscure - the meaning is clear. Fans are still obsessed and I have the squeals to prove it. Observe:

Let me point out moments 0:28 and 1:36 for maximum squealing and moment 0:49 as the point where the pirate lady filming the clip says "THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!"

Whew... Not sure if my tired old heart can handle half of this. But I'm gonna try!!


Laura Marchant said...

Am I an idiot that I thought the first movie was just ok? Maybe the second will be better for me, lol

Bev said...

I love Twilight, too. I fell for it hook, line, & sinker. The movie was okay, not great, yet I still saw it in the theatre twice and bought it the day it came out on DVD. Sucker!

New Moon was my least fave book in the series, but I'm still planning to see that movie post haste!

Ugh, the squeeling fangirls... I dunno. I don't think I can get into THAT part of the whole Twilight phenomenon!

Mary said...

My daughter read all the books in like one day. I eventually read the first and thought it was great. I mean, if I was 16 I would have been nuts for it! My oldest then made fun of me for a few weeks after she caught me reading it (I usually hate that kind of stuff-romance, not vampires).
But then she went and watched the movie and now packed all the books to take on vaca with her :)

Anonymous said...

I must read these books. I've been meaning to eversince I first heard of them. They sound great.

Kate said...

Is 34 too old to squeal like that??