Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Randomness...

In honor of a certain blogger who I hope still lurks around these parts... More Random Musings:

Most of my posts are composed the night before and posted to appear the next day. I'm trying to multi-task by blogging at night and hunting for jobs during day. Not sure if I'm doing well on either front.

I spend nearly as much time blogging and commenting as I do job hunting. I'm sure that this is wrong, but I can't seem to help myself!

In the past two weeks I hooked up with two new headhunters and applied for ten jobs. I also received three rejections. Ten jobs, three rejections... I'm still coming out on top!

The two new headhunters told me that my dream of relocating to Raleigh may not be feasible. Apparently, it's a great job market for people who are in the pharmaceutical or IT fields. But not for me. I may have to extend my range to include most of the east coast. Fuck.

My typical day since going on terminal leave is as follows: go to the YMCA for Muffin's swim lessons as well as Child Watch exercise time for me. Come home for lunch and Muffin nap. While Muffin naps, I search and apply for jobs as well as follow up with headhunters. After nap it's back to the Y for more pool time. Then, it's home for dinner, bath, movie and computer time. I will hate going back to work. But, change is good - right?

I'm getting addicted to staying at home.

Muffin and I are both getting addicted to waking up later and eating breakfast around 8:30AM.

Fiber One cereal for breakfast + Fiber One bar for snack = Shart. I know I'm not the first to report this, but it's a little disconcerting and I intend to switch up either my breakfast choice or my snack choice. Pronto.

Muffin had a major wipe-out the other day. She was running to the front door in order to avoid the rain but wound up tripping over her flip-flops and busting her ass instead. I had to clip a large flap of skin off of her big toe and apply four band-aids to various parts of her lower extremities. While I was doing this, she was screaming at the top of her lungs. Because pain sucks. And when you're five years old you can holler about it as much as you want.

This wipe-out served as a reminder that I will soon be without health insurance. And so will Muffin. Fuck!

Searching for health insurance in the web not advisable. They ask you to enter your phone number and within three minutes (NO - I'm totally not kidding!) five random strangers will call you and pitch their sale. Arrgghh.

Getting new insurance means giving Jackass a new insurance card for Muffin. Which will probably raise more questions than I'm ready to answer right now. He doesn't know that I've sold the house and quit the Navy. Full disclosure? I think not.

I had hoped Jackass would want to start his last full week of visitation on Saturday because I have a job conference to go to on Monday. Hellz no. Thank God for the grandparents!

I bought a new suit for the conference - black with black stripes. Very professional, very mature and very like something Agent Smith from the Matrix would wear. Heaven help the interviewer if his name is "Mr. Anderson."

Well, that's all for now... Gotta get my nose back against the grindstone. Happy Humpday!


Bev said...

Ah, I love random "musings." Heh heh. :)

Sorry about Muffin's spill! Poor thing. And sorry that the job search isn't going so well, but it sounds like you're making the best of your time off, at least!

LMAO @ the shart comment! HA!!!!

Samsmama said...

I love the word "shart". So much.

Poor Muffin! It pains me when they get hurt and there's nothing you can do to soothe them.

And WTF? She naps??? I think Sam quit napping at about 3, if not sooner. It kills me.

Krimmyk said...

Logan never sleeps, I swear his rising time is 5:50-6:45 no matter what time he goes to bed. SUCK! Sorry Muffin took a spill. I agree, the age of 5 is the ideal scream age.

Keep up the hard work on the hunt for the job. It will pay off, and you are right so far 3/10 rejections still means you are ahead!

I hope you YMCA is not staffed by a load of douchebags as mine is. It is great you are getting Muffin into lessons. Good Mommy! :)

Anonymous said...

as a matter of fact, i am here. HA!

seriously, the "Fiber One cereal for breakfast + Fiber One bar for snack = Shart" made me laugh really loudly. my coworkers can suck it!

omg with the 5yr screams of pain! nate stubbed his barefeet at least 2x/day when we went to the beach earlier this summer (guess i should make the kid wear shoes, but i grew up barefoot so why should he be any different?!)... we nicknamed him Sir Stubs A Lot.

anyway, good luck with the job hunt! :)

Mary said...

I think most of my childhood was spent with a bloody stub for a big toe- I don't even know how I have a toenail- seriously.
good luck with the job search and I think that suit will rock you a job ASAP- I wish i had clothes that made me look like I was in the Matrix.
p.s. Shart is hilarious! the word, not the act :)

Your Real Estate Connection said...

not sure how I came about your blog - but here I am... what's your industry? There are jobs here in Raleigh aside from tech and pharm.

Here's some sites I would recommend; (a local employment site sponsored by the News & Observer) (great for opportunities in RTP – the Research Triangle Park)
Most likely you've already seen these but many local companies post on these national sites….

Anonymous said...

Alls I'm sayin is that's a lot of swimmin...

Ok, this is way out of the blue but there's a story Todd Snider tells on the intro to a song where he got lost on his way to a gig in Luchenbach and stopped in to ask directions from a bartender in a middle of nowhere highway. The bartender's reply? "Fuck Luchenbach. Play here." So they did.

Leandra said...

I think job searching is one of the most demoralizing things one can do to one's self. Good luck and keep plugging away.

As for insurance, if you get truly desperate (and I hope you DON'T), you could inquire about state funded insurance for Muffin. I did that for about 3 months while I was in between jobs. It's called PeachCare in Georgia.

Samsmama said...

Oh, riiiight! Shouldn't be really easy for you to get state funded insurance for Muffin? I mean, you're homeless and all. Should be pretty easy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Let's see the suit... sounds HOT!

Anonymous said...

Blimey, that's a lot!

Glad you're enjoying the time at home with Muffin but really sorry she hurt herself so much. Youch.

Good luck with the job convention - I like the sound of that suit!

Maria @BOREDmommy said...

When my kids wipe out, its almost impossible to put the bandaids on their wounds because their screaming/yelling/crying/howling is so freakin' loud, that my ears start to bleed and beg for forgiveness. Its a great test of my patience.

Jen on the Edge said...

I too spend far too much time reading blogs and commenting on them.

Here's hoping that today's job conference goes well!

Organic Meatbag said...

I am totally a pre-poster as well... I have about a week's worth of completed blogs sitting in my queue waiting to go...hahaha! I like being done early!
I am like a pre-taped sitcom!