Saturday, July 26, 2008


I watched the movie Saved today for the second time. The first time I watched this movie I felt justified in my observation that most evangelical Christians seem to be fake. However, the second time around (about 4 years later) I'm of a different opinion.

I used to feel that most evangelical Christians were either incredibly deluded or else the kind of person that preys upon the incredibly deluded. My roller-coaster ride with Jesus has gone through many cork-screws, however I was finally able to meet someone to show me my way. I say "my way" because mine is most likely not anyone else's way, but here goes:

In the past, I equated salvation (i.e. accepting Jesus) as something that can only be attained by attempting to be perfect in every aspect of life. When I met my friend in Washington I felt certain that Jesus, and all that HE implies, would have no interest in me. Mostly because my entire life has been unconventional and self-serving. My friend taught me otherwise.

She taught me that salvation has nothing to do with how perfect an individual might strive to be; it has everything to do with how sincerely a person wants to live! I desire to live sincerely, however much selfishness insidiously infiltrates my person. Yet, how can I present a role model fit for my daughter?

Honestly? It took watching this movie again to make me realize that the element missing from my "I Wish To Be The Perfect Mother For My Child" equation was HUMOR! Of course we all want to be the best example for our children. Even so, I think we all realize that it's "OK" to step back and observe our own humanity. The little quirks which make us feel like outcasts may eventually translate into insight for generations to learn from.

I am thankful that I met Rachel Cassidy. She taught me many lessons about myself and my child. I'll always remember her saying "Well, I comfort myself with the thought that he won't be 18 years old and NOT potty trained!"

Rachel, you showed me that it's possible to have faith without being pushy or preachy. I hate to put it so bluntly, however, your faith helped me to believe. And, I do believe. Thanks very much.
Now I might be convinced that my daughter will be weirded out by the ocean, but that's OK. I think she'll get over it, and I have my faith to see me through. As well as the faith of my friends.


Unknown said...

that is beautiful!

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

yes, faith is very personal and not judgmental or preachy.

good for you! :)