Friday, July 11, 2008

Inappropriate or Insane?

Here's a tricky one:

As I'm observing my daughter's make-up swim lesson this evening (there was a massive thunderstorm on Tuesday) I happened to glance to the side and notice a woman rooting around inside her bathing suit. At first, I thought that perhaps she had some kind of new-fangled bathing suit that featured a kangaroo pocket in the front. Nope, no pocket. She was half bent over with her hand and entire forearm inside one of her leg-holes and God only knows what that hand was doing. Let's just say I was disturbed.

Appalled, I quickly looked away and once again became mesmerized by the way-too young swim instructor with the awesome abs Muffin's water play. In a short while I looked up and across the pool only to lay eyes on the same woman walking along the back of the pool holding her boobs in her hands. Just walking along holding her ta-tas like she thought they were going to get away from her. WTF?

I looked around the pool to see if there was someone who might should be keeping an eye on her and when I looked back at Muffin's class, there she was! Standing behind the youngsters as if taking part in the lesson. She smiled and pointed to the little boat (they were learning boat safety with an inflatable boat) and asked if she could get in as well. When the swim instructor informed her that it was only for the little kids she nodded and smiled before moving on.

She made her way around to where we, the mothers of the little swimmers, were sitting and smiled at us before entering the locker room. For the rest of the lesson I tried to figure her out. Was she foreign? Nuts? Drunk? Who knows! I simply hope that she never shows up AGAIN!

Meanwhile, here are few pictures of Muffin actually smiling in her swim lessons. I have proof that she is enjoying herself despite all noises made to the otherwise. Bwahh ha ha ha....

Caught you smiling, baby! Have fun! :)



Glad that the babe is having a blast, but WTF about the woman????Freak, is all I got to say.

Matter Of Fact Mommy said...

OMG WTF?! wow. dude, i would have been SO weirded out by that. did you say anything to any of the women sitting next to you? was it a topic of conversation? UGH!

was she an older woman? my husband once forced me into an Old Country Buffet and i came across the same lady... 'cept she wasn't dressed in a bathing suit.

Madame Queen said...

Both? I mean, inappropriate AND insane? Either way, creepy. Glad they didn't let her get in the pool!

Unknown said...

i sweat i posted a comment on this...

whatever. don't know where it is...maybe i dreamt that I posted a comment.

basically...creepy woman...her not YOU.